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  1. I actually would prefer Zumaya to work the 95-97 range rather then his usual 100+. His fastball has more movement and it’s harder to his a fastball with movement then a straight fastball. I think Matt Anderson taught us all that.

    Also, he should use the change up more. Imagine if he broke that out on someone with 2 strikes? Major hook foul or they’d be way out front and K easier. Especially since his breaking ball has a tendency to get erratic. And it’s not like his change is no good; it was rated by Baseball America as the best in the organization after the 2005 season.

  2. The only autograph that I got on a spring training trip to Florida was that of Joel Zumaya. It’s on the bill of my golf cap, and I treasure it. Zumaya has a chance to be a very special pitcher–one I love watching pitch. He’s an intense competitor. He has a great workout routine (including yoga as taught by Alan Jaeger), and he’s an intelligent guy. He just needs to learn and mature, like every young pitcher.
    –Walter Roark
    lead editor

  3. I’m sure you’ll post this soon, Bilfer, but Sendy Vasquez, tigers minor league pitcher has been suspended 50 games for performance enhancing drugs. Former tiger Matt Roney is suspended 50 games for a drug of abuse.

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