Tigers announce 2007 roster

While not a formal announcement because there are still 28 players in camp, the Tigers trimmed 11 and cleared up who would be traveling North. The battle for the last bench spot went to Neifi Perez over Ramon Santiago and Chris Shelton. The last spot in the bullpen went to Chad Durbin.

As for everyone else, Zach Miner, Shelton, and Santiago have been optioned to Toledo. Presont Larrison, Tim Byrdak, Bobby Seay, Steve Torrealba, Timo Perez, Dane Sardinha, and Ryan Raburn were assigned to Toledo.

Felix Heredia was unconditionally released.

The other 3 souls who haven’t been cut yet are Edward Campusano, Tony Giarratano, and Roman Colon are all injured and will presumably be placed on the DL (Giarratano the minor league DL).

My thoughts, it’s about what I expected. I’m fine with Durbin getting a shot. After Campusano’s injury, it came down to Durbin/Miner/Seay. None of the options really differentiate themselves, and so making the decision based on roster status if fine by me.

With Perez, he had a good spring but I don’t know how much that counted. A bad spring may have sealed his fate, and some poor play in the regular season may do the same. I would have preferred Santiago over Perez. Neither one can hit, but Santiago is the superior defender. As for Shelton, it is probably best that he get regular at-bats in Toledo to be prepared for the impending Sean Casey DL stint.

And now, your 2007 Detroit Tigers…

Starting Position Players: Sean Casey, Placido Polanco, Carlos Guillen, Brandon Inge, Pudge Rodriguez, Craig Monroe, Curtis Granderson, Magglio Ordonez, Gary Sheffield.

Bench: Vance Wilson, Omar Infante, Marcus Thames, Neifi Perez

Rotation: Jeremy Bonderman, Kenny Rogers, Justin Verlander, Nate Robertson, Mike Maroth

Bullpen: Todd Jones, Joel Zumaya, Fernando Rodney, Wil Ledezma, Jose Mesa, Jason Grilli, Chad Durbin

26 thoughts on “Tigers announce 2007 roster”

  1. I don’t understand why Neifi Perez is on the 25-man roster. We’re stuck with his paycheck anyway, but he is a defensive downgrade compared to Ramon Santiago.

    Hopefully, this is Infante’s year to shine and I’m hoping that he turns out to be the “Super Ute” that Inge and Tony Phillips were. People still forget how young he is (he’ll be 25 on Opening Day) and how good he can be. I hope to see him get 400 ABs spelling players at 3B, SS, 2B, CF this year.

  2. Neifi is not a surprise, but he is a disappointment. Hopefully, Leyland will use Infante when a backup is needed and Neifi will just serve as Guillen’s glove in the 8th and 9th innings of blowouts.

    Am I the only one who believes that the Tigers would have been best served by having Shelton as the 25th player, and carrying one less pitcher in April?

  3. I perfer Shelton start at first but if he is only going to backup first, I’d rather he go down to AAA. Hopefully he’ll make enough noise down there that he can’t be ignored.

    I’ll never understand Perez being on the roster. Even if Leyland doesn’t think Infante can play SS, why not keep Santigo instead of Perez?

  4. Isn’t Santiago out of options, too? I assume he’ll clear waivers, but losing a good, young defensive shortstop for an old, slow rangeless bag of #$%@ seems like a stupid idea.

    Unwelcome back, Neifi!

  5. Shelton going to Toledo is probably for the best. If he stays up, he probably only gets a few at bats per week and could easily slump again and be written off by DD/Leyland. If he goes down, hopefully he tears it up and forces management to think about calling him up and starting him over Casey.

    The Perez thing is annoying, but it’s a marginal decision and a reasonable one given that Santiago has one more option left. Agree with NY Tiger: Hopefully Infante gets a fair amount of at bats. Would be nice to know if he’s a long-term option before paying what’s it’s going to cost to extend Guillen’s contract.

  6. This just in…The Tampa Devil Rays have offered seven dollars and a dead cat for Nothin Perez. The Tigers are considering…

  7. My mistake. Could have sworn I read Santiago was out of options on another blog….

    Still, I’d rather have Santiago handling relay throws and turning double plays any day. Apparently, that “any” day will have to be another day.

  8. If you neutralize Perez’s stats, his BA is .243, and Santiago is a much better defender… Don’t get it

    Also, Shelton seems to be pretty angry… Would you rather have Casey or Shelton at bat or in the field or running? Shelton was even OK last year when he was in his funk.

  9. Like those above I am a little disappointed but not surprised. Perez is a zero. No bat, never walks, no speed, isn’t even a good defender anymore. The best thing would be for him to have a little hot streak and some other team with injuires offers a case of hot dog wrappers for him. He’s on the team because they can save a few bucks by having Santiago in Toledo rather than Detroit. They have to pay Neifi one way or the other. I don’t think Santiago adds much either; Infante is good enough to be the back up. I’d rather see Shelton make the team and at least start against lefties. Or give Raburn a chance. He can play a little.

    Shelton is better than Casey, but his skills are somewhat duplicative of Thames. Casey is lefty and, well, he’s the Mayor after all. Shelton will end up getting 250+ ABs in Detroit, because Casey is a near certainty to spend some time on the DL. Shelton has more power, will hit for near as good an average and is a better 1B at this point. I still think there will be a trade, Thames for LH hitter, LH reliever or a catcher who can play in Erie or Toledo and has some upside.

    Dmitri Young got the 1b job in Washington. Man are they going to be bad. Not like we don’t know what that’s like.

  10. Well a couple of thoughts. It looks like MLB EI is a Direct TV only deal. The cable companys would not pay the bucks MLB wanted.

    Second, I would like to either have dinner with Jim Leyland to explain his choice of the “Nef-inger”. Not questioning although I disaprove, I just want to see what made up his mind.


    I want to see the picture that Nefi has of Jim doing something wrong. I really dont have anything against Nefi, its just for that spot, go for the glove, eat the contract and go on.

    I am really bummed about not being able to get MLB EI but that what will be radio is for – ahhhh the old days.


  11. Observations from todays game in Lakeland.

    Worried about Mike Maroth, fastball in the low 80’s today, though he shut them out for four innings.

    Marcus Thames cannot play first base, looks clumsy, doesn’t know where to play.

    Magglio is swinging the bat better than I have ever seen him. Bat speed is awesome, just needs to get his eye. We will need him to be a force or Shef will not be pitched to.

    Todd Jones is not confident, he is putting the ball on a tee again. Hopefully he’ll be ready when the bell rings.

    Pudge is swinging well, he’s ready to go. Looks comfortable leading off. Great base runner.

    Overall, despite a few negative points, they look good. They also look bored with spring training and are itching to get started. PLAY BALL!!

  12. Can’t argue with Casey starting. He ‘s a vetran lefty who is suited for Comericas outfield gaps. Last year his stint would have seemed better if a few more line shots would have fallen in,. He hit the ball hard just couldn’t catch a break. All in all it’s close here we go again!

  13. Todd Walker is a lot better fit for this roster than Neifi. He’s available; released by the Padres. Good hitter, LH, can spell Polanco or Inge.

  14. Dang. I had Neifi being the final cut. Probably more wishful thinking than anything. Like people have said, I’d much prefer the guy who’s a good fielding SS (and younger and cheaper) who can’t hit over the guy who’s older, injury liability, and costs about 100x more then he’s worth who can’t hit either anyday. I don’t want to wish someone losing their job on anyone, but I kind of hope that Neifi’s job is lost and that Santiago’s up by the end of April.

  15. Is it just me, or is anyone else worried that Shelton will get into a funk in AAA. If I remember correctly he did not hit well in the minors last year when he was sent down. I hope he doesn’t sulk, and is ready when “the mayor” tweaks something.
    Has anyone seen a Chef’s hat with the olde english D on it yet? I want to get on the Sheffield bandwagon early!

  16. Shelton only had 109 AB’s in Toledo at the end of last year. I wouldn’t put as much stock in that as I would the career .327 minor league average.

    However, I’m still not as high on Shelton as anyone else here seems to be. Carlos Pena had .283/.393/.510/.903 avg/obp/slg/ops in the minors. So I’m not still not sold that Shelton’s not another AAAA hitter who’s not as good as Pena at 1st base (though still very solid defensively).

  17. My prediction. Without Shelton the tigers will not win the American league championship. I have never been a fan of Perez or Casey. Now I see that I am not the only one who does not like Perez. Those two produced losing records for the Tigers when in the lineup last year. People do not realize it but of the regulars only Pudge had a higher batting average last year than than in 2005. They won last year on pitching. I don’t think their pitching will be quite as stellar this year so the hitting has to pick up. We can’t do it with Casey and Perez. I am still ticked about the raw deal that Shelton is getting.

  18. Perhaps, just perhaps we can put a positive spin on the whole Neifi debacle. Maybe Shelton will put his anger to use and allow it to stoke his competitive fire and just pound the ball and play some great ball.

    You can’t leave his bat in AAA if the black hole of suck that is Neifi is up to his usual game of swing-n-a-miss or tapper to any base and Shelton is playing like a man possessed.

    Can you, Jim Leyland?

  19. Shelton had a .812 OPS at Toledo last year. Not near his best but not terrible either. I still think we haven’t seen his best.

  20. Maybe DD will get a round of Roshambo when he sees Neifi boot that first grounder and hit one short of the pitcher’s mound with a full swing. Go get em Shelton at Toledo. Show them what they are missing in April.

  21. Most similar players to Chris Shelton:

    Adrian Gonzalez (979)
    Troy Neel (979)
    Prince Fielder (965)
    Mark Quinn (949)
    Brad Hawpe (944)
    Chris Richard (943)
    Pancho Herrera (943)
    Mike Jacobs (942)
    Jeff Francoeur (942)
    Jonny Gomes (941)

    A mixed bag. No stars except possibly Fielder, but I don’t really see the comp because Fielder is a lot younger. Adrian Gonzalez was very good last year. But then there’s Mark Quinn, too. But I think Shelton can play.

  22. I’m not saying Shelton will be a bum. But I think everyone’s expectations of his peak are a lot higher then what he’ll peak at. He’ll be a productive major leaguer, but I don’t think he’ll mash quite like everyone expects/wants him to.

  23. Still, if he could hit something like .280/.350/.475–right in line with his career #s to date–that’s likely to be an upgrade over Casey, particularly when you factor in defense.

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