Promising news on Guillen front?

From the Freep today:

Guillen, however, is optimistic that he will have a new contract before Monday’s opener. He has asked for a four-year deal and indicated that progress has been made. His agent, Peter Greenberg, is due to arrive in Lakeland today.

“They’ve been talking on the phone,” Guillen said. “It looks good.”

Clearly it’s not a done deal, but the last reports I had heard were talks had broken off. David Dombrowski, per usual, has declined to discuss the negotiations in the media.

If there is a linchpin on the team, it is probably Carlos Guillen, so this is promising news to say the least. I know many would prefer a 3 year deal, but to me giving him the 4th year is worth it to keep him around for the next 3.

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4 thoughts on “Promising news on Guillen front?”

  1. As key a player as Guillen has been to the Tigers the last three years, I’m pretty nervous about putting down the Benjamins it’s going to take to re-sign him. This is a guy many thought could be effectively done after his knee problems two years ago. Anyone have a quasi-scientific perspective on how likely the knee is to hold up for another 3-4 years?

  2. It all really depends on what the plans are for Guillen. As long as they view him as a SS for at least a couple more years, keeping him for 3-4 years is fine. If he’s going to be a 1B after this season, then I’d rather we let someone else pay him alot of money to be average to slightly above average.

  3. I’m fine with giving him a four year deal as long as he’s willing to move to 1B for the final 2 seasons of that contract.

  4. It just feels like I’m holding my breath. Is Kenny OK, will Carlos get that extension, opening day. Can’t hardly stand it. I love Carlos and would hate to see him go. Please get this done.

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