Kenny Rogers out 3 months

So I’m watching the game on ESPN and they announce that Kenny Rogers had successful surgery to remove a blood clot and fix 2 arteries. I run to the computer and my site goes down. So I’m sorry if you were trying to hit the site between 1:30 and 4:00. It’s also the reason I’m so late to the blog with this.

D-Town Baseball seems to have the authoritative link round-up, so if you’re looking to see who said what, he’s got it.

Rogers of course is expected to miss half the season. It will be 6 to 8 weeks of rest, and then hopefully he can start throwing again. Being that he’s an athlete he may heal a little quicker than a typical person. But being that he’s 42 he may heal a little slower than a typical athlete. In any case, it will probably take him a minimum of 6 weeks to build the arm up once he can resume activity.

So while it wasn’t a worst case, career ending injury (not yet anyways), it is a far cry from needing a week or rest and some aspirin.

The Tigers will turn to Chad Durbin and the job will probably be his until he’s shows he can’t do it. If they need to dig deeper because a)Durbin isn’t getting the job done, or b)another starter gets injured I would expect the order of succession would be:

  1. Andrew Miller
  2. Zach Miner
  3. Wil Ledezma
  4. Jordan Tata/Virgil Vasquez/Jair Jurrjens

I would have had Miner on top of that list, but it appears that even in the Durbin decision, Miller was the only other name considered. I’m not sure why Miner has fallen so far on the depth chart.

Wil Ledezma would probably be my first choice but as the only established lefty in the pen it isn’t really feasible at this point. Of course some solid work by Bobby Seay could free up Ledezma to start.

Rob Neyer explains the Durbin move by pointing to Chad’s impressive peripherals for the Mud Hens last year (Insider)

Last year, though, Durbin started 28 games with Triple-A Toledo and went 11-8 with a 3.11 ERA and (more tellingly) 149 strikeouts and 46 walks in 185 innings. If things go really well, Durbin’s a Comeback Player of the Year candidate. If things go fairly well, Durbin’s a solid No. 5 starter. And if things don’t go well at all, Jordan Tata, Zach Miner and super-prospect Andrew Miller all are viable options waiting in the wings.