DTW is blushing

Once again it is all about me. First, Kurt points out that a few Tiger blogs are mentioned in this week’s Sports Illustrated. Actually, there are blogs listed for all teams where you can vote online for your favorites. SI is really reaching out to team bloggers by featuring their sites and headlines on the team pages (scroll to the bottom of the Tigers page for an example). The tactic worked as I ran out and bought a copy today at lunch. Still I’m “tickled” (to quote Jim Leyland) to see the site mentioned in SI.

Then, I see that Gas Lamp Ball has compiled a listing of the top 10 baseball blogs. There are some pretty prominent baseball bloggers on that list including David Pinto, Matthew Cerrone, and Blez. DTW didn’t make the top 10, but it just missed. Considering the magnitude of the blogs on that list, I’m thrilled to even have the site in the conversation.

Of course none of this would happen without you, the readers who come here and the fellow bloggers who link here. Thanks so much for your support.

UPDATE: Just saw this press release (hat tip Baseball Musings) which talks a little more about the list and how it was assembled:

There are three criteria that Sports Media Challenge use to rank blogs for the top 10 – Influence, Fan Engagement and Quality. These criteria combine quantitative aspects, including the number of incoming links that connect to the blog, number of fan comments as well as qualitative measurement by Sports Media Challenge analysts.

So those of you who link and comment, and read here truly are the reason that DTW was in the mix. Thanks again.

14 thoughts on “DTW is blushing”

  1. You’re a blogger’s blogger, so to speak, definitely the Tigers blog at the top of the ladder. It’s well deserved!

  2. Congratulations, Billfer. I love this site and check it out every day. Seldom post but always read. Quality is what you give us, Billfer.

  3. This should drive a ton of additional users to the site. Anybody who genuinely cares about the Tigers and visits this site for the first time becomes a loyal, returning viewer. There is absolutely no competition in my mind and there should be virtually no fallout.

  4. Best baseball blog on the ‘net, Billfer, Tiger or other. We all know it, and I’m really glad you got a little bit of love from SI.

    6 days to opening day!

  5. Ken fom Cinci,

    Is it time for the oatmeal pies now?

    Billfer, great job as always.

    Looking foward to ’07 and lets remember gang, its a 162 game season.

  6. Let me add my thanks and congratulations, Billfer. I’m looking forward to another season of DTW and Tiger baseball.

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