AL Central now and in the future

It’s kind of an American League Centric day. This morning I woke up to be greeted by Baseball Analysts annual Two on Two divisional preview of the Central. The hosts select two bloggers, this time it was Brian from Tigerblog and one of my favorite Twins bloggers (the Twins may have the best group of bloggers in baseball) Seth from The four couldn’t come up with a consensus, except for the Royals finishing last.

And over at Baseball Prospectus, Kevin Goldstein takes a walk through the minor league systems of each of the five AL Central clubs. On a Tiger note he thinks Brent Clevlen could be an attractive bargaining chip for a midseason trade – especially if Cameron Maybin continues to impress.

5 thoughts on “AL Central now and in the future”

  1. Interesting one-on-one, although Seth calling for the Twins to win the division seems overly-homer to me. Health will be a factor, of course, but it seems to me the Sox, Tigers and Tribe all have stronger teams and a better chance in the Central.

  2. Interesting stuff…. but to be honest even though I am biased I have a hard time understanding why the Tigers are more likely to fall to fourth than to finish in first.

  3. I really can’t call anyone taking any of the 4 teams a homer. It’s as good a reason as any to pick one of them.

    I haven’t finalized my predictions yet, but right now I’d say it will be Detroit and Cleveland in the top 2 spots (not sure the order) and Chicago and Minnesota in the other 2 spots (again not sure the order).

  4. Oh I can’t call taking any of the teams a homer call either. But I still want to know why the Tigers are more likely to fall to 4th than to finish in 1st.

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