Tigers Ticket Sales Surging

Andrew Miller in the rain
Credit: Roger DeWitt

Jon Paul Morosi reports that the Tigers have sold 13,885 season ticket equivalents this year. That’s an increase of 4000 over last year. So what will the impact be on Opening Day tickets?

Last year there were very few Opening Day tickets made available to the general public. With the increase in season ticket sales, that number stands to be even smaller. Individual tickets go on sale March 3rd at 10:00am and there is sure to be a mad scramble.

Taking a look at some of my sponsors in the sidebar, tickets are already available and you’re looking at paying $100 a seat. At StubHub! there are a couple tickets available for $85 (aff link), but that supply is pretty low. Basically your Opening Day options are 1. Buy Season Tickets, 2. Try and get lucky on March 3rd, 3. Pay through the nose, or 4. Head down and enjoy the day, but invest your money in 4 other games.

As for me, I picked up 4 in the pavillion for $75 a couple weeks ago.

And it’s not just regular season tickets that are a hot commodity (despite the rainy weather today). Spring Training tickets have seen a 53% increase in sales.

4 thoughts on “Tigers Ticket Sales Surging”

  1. Another option: Use the extra money to go see them on the road. Just picked up four tickets to see them in Toronto on April 14. If you’re going to see a game in a dome (retractable roof, technically), you might as well do it when it’s cold, eh?

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