Drawing for Tigers Opening Day tickets

Opening Day tickets won’t be going on sale on March 3rd like the rest of individual game tickets. With a Comerica Park record 16,500 full season equivalent ticket packages sold, it means there aren’t a whole lot of Opening Day tickets left for the general public. Instead the club will hold a drawing.

The Opening Day registration period begins at 9 a.m. (ET) on Friday, March 2 on the team’s website, www.tigers.com. The registration period ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 11. The random drawing will take place early in the week of March 12 with winners being notified by e-mail no later than Friday, March 16. Winners will be eligible to purchase two tickets for Opening Day.

There is no charge to register for this opportunity and no obligation to buy a ticket. There is no assurance that any particular registrant will be selected. Winners may not transfer this purchase opportunity.

Fans who do not have Internet access can still register for the random online ticket drawing by calling (313) 471-BALL (2255) and working with a sales representative from the Tigers to complete the form. Winners who registered on the phone would be contacted by a member of the Tigers sales staff after the drawing.

If you miss out on Opening Day you can always try for the second game, April 4th when the team will pass out American League Championship rings.

And if you’re wondering, the price for Opening Day tickets on StubHub is up to $99 $120.

7 thoughts on “Drawing for Tigers Opening Day tickets”

  1. Got to see the game today on SNY. Miller and Minor looked good. Grandy looked ready to go. Neifi made 2 errors, both times where he didn’t get in front of the ball. They should cut him now and give him a chance to catch on somewhere else. Infante played SS and looked ok. Kirkland made a great play at 3b; you can see what they like about him.

  2. I am so annoyed with the Tigers ticket system. I called to buy 4 15 games packs yesterday, and was told there were none left for Saturday’s, and they no longer guarantee opening day tickets. I would need to buy 27 game packs, where 1 pack would let me buy extra opening day tickets. I explained I wanted 4 15’s and that 60 tickets sold was more than 27, so why not let me buy 4 15’s with just 2 for opening day. I was told there was nothing they can do. Anyone else remember two years ago when they were begging us to go? Now they are changing advertised deals and turning down ticket sales. I don’t like where this is heading.

  3. I have been trying for the last three years to purchase tickets for the opening day game. I have been a loyal Tiger fan at Comerica Park as well as the old Detroit Tiger stadium.

    There won’t be to many more years that I will be able to get to the games and would hope that this year I could win two tickets (that’s all I am hoping for). Go Tigers

    Thanks –

  4. You always have a problem with opening day tickets…….yet stubhub and other outlets always have them to sell at tremendous profit. It’s all about $$$ in pro sports, not the fan. High prices for tickets, high salaries for players, no free autographs for the kids……….on and on.


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