Pitches per Plate Appearance

After examining the depth of plate appearances for the Tigers and MLB as a whole, I wanted to take a look by individual Tiger at what happens as a plate appearance grows longer. Of course this would prove to be a massive post because each player would need their own table and or chart.

Instead, I decided to invest the time in dumping the data into a usable format in Excel so others can look up their favorite players, or teams.

There are 2 files, one for teams and one for players. There’s a simple front end where you can select teams or players via a drop down and the calculations and graphs will be generated for you. The data is also accessible if you want to play around. One word of caution though, the calculations in the player file aren’t exactly speedy.

Now because this is a Tiger blog, I did break out a file with just Tiger players.

If anyone comes across something or someone interesting, please let me know.

File: padepth.zip (570k) contains all teams and all players
File: padepth_player_det.zip (30k) contains just Detroit Tigers

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