Tigers get lefty in Rule 5 draft

The Tigers acquired left handed relief pitcher Edward Campusano today. Campusano was drafted from the Cubs by the Brewers. The Tigers then sent the Brewers cash considerations for Campusano.

Campusano only has 25 innings above A ball under his belt, but was very impressive in the Southern League (AA) last year with a 34/8 K/BB ratio.

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  1. From the link, it looks like he really turned in on in 06….could be a nice steal. And from the Cubs of all people, who in the recent past have seem to be able to give junk for mid-level prospects.

  2. I am not sure about the Rule 5 draft rules, but does this mean this player has to stay on the Major League roster all season to not be lost back to where he came from? If yes then they must be aiming to have him be the situational lefty they have still been looking for….

  3. Looks like the Royals landed Gil Meche.

    Living in Seattle and watching what he did to us last year, I don’t like this. 5 runs over 19 innings in 3 starts. He lost two, but they were hard luck 2-0 type losses. He is a very underrated pitcher, and at 28, he’ll be an imprtant cog in the Royals new-look rotation along with Bannister, and the odd-ball Greinke IS still only 23. With some better arms, if they enter 07 with the bats they left 06 with, they will be a much, much tougher out.

    The Central division, tough as it was last year, looks to be improving.

  4. Mildly interesting note from CNNSI.com’s Jon Heyman:

    “Bonds tried to stir up some outside interest while here, going back to his old Pirates manager Jim Leyland to see if they would take him in Detroit. But the Tigers and Leyland, who has said for weeks he doesn’t want to take the focus away from his fine young team, told him they had no interest at this time. Leyland already had chosen to reunite with Gary Sheffield instead.”


  5. Guessing he was hurt for awhile in ’05. Dominant stas but he’s 24 and most of that was at Low A. He has a chance to make the pen if he continues to pitch that way in the spring.

    The 40 man is now full so I expect they are done unless somebody makes an offer they can’t refuse. I was hoping for some upgrades but the way the market is I think DD was smart to get Sheffield early and then not do much. It’s possible someone will be desperate enough to give them an overwhelming offer. They could always steal somebody from the Mariners again. They have no use for Chris Snelling now. LH, can play all OF spots, high ave., high OBP. And always hurt. But nobody is perfect.

  6. B’More Sun:
    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. // With the Orioles growing increasingly pessimistic about their chances of signing free-agent outfielder Luis Gonzalez, they have turned to other options, including the Detroit Tigers’ Marcus Thames and free agent Jay Payton.

    Late last night, the Orioles were considering a three-way deal with the Tigers and Houston Astros that would have landed them Thames, a 29-year-old outfielder who hit .256 with 26 homers and 60 RBIs last season.

    According to two industry sources, the proposed deal had Orioles pitcher Rodrigo Lopez headed to Houston, Astros outfielder Luke Scott going to Detroit and the Orioles getting Thames, who would have become the Orioles’ only right-handed-hitting outfielder and the club’s likely starter in left field.

    However, the deal hit stumbling blocks late last night and might not be revived.

    It appears it is going to take a three-way deal to get Thames because the Orioles can’t meet either of Detroit’s primary needs: a young catcher to back up Ivan Rodriguez or a left-handed setup man. The Orioles have little catching depth in their organization and their left-handed relievers – Brian Burres, Kurt Birkins and John Parrish – are unproven or health risks.

    The Orioles had been in talks about a possible three-way deal with the Washington Nationals and Tigers on Tuesday night that would have sent Lopez to Washington, a Nationals player (possibly outfielder Ryan Church) to Detroit and Thames to Baltimore, according to two industry sources.

    However, the three-way arrangement was never agreed on, leaving the Orioles to consider other avenues to acquire Thames, who was the Tigers’ fourth outfielder last year.

  7. Nice update Tim D.

    Man, Snelling would be a steal, but I don’t see Basavi doing it — as stupid as he is, they seem to be in full youth/rebuild mold by shopping their overpaid corners (I say good luck!).

    As for those named, Luke Scott is interesting, but Church not so much. Snelling….

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