Gomez is out

To make room for Jose Mesa on the 40 man roster, the Tigers didn’t tender a contract to Alexis Gomez. The Tigers can still negotiate with Gomez, as can every other team because he is now a free agent. Dave Dombrowski indicated that the Tigers would like to keep him in the organization if possible.

As expected, Jeremy Bonderman, Craig Monroe, Omar Infante, Nate Robertson, and Fernando Rodney were all tendered contracts.

6 thoughts on “Gomez is out”

  1. I was always apathetic to Gomez, so no big deal. I’m still shaking my head about getting rid of Logan though. He was flat-out the best defensive outfielder I have ever seen.

  2. With the glut of Tiger outfielders, small wonder Gomez was overlooked. I can see him signing up with some small market team and hitting lots of homers and extra base hits. While I wish him the very best, I HOPE this does not come back as a haunt!

  3. I personally like Gomez as a serviceable bench player: good range and arm, ability to play multiple positions, and occasionally gets a few hits. I do think this is a curious move given that they have a need for a left-hand hitting outfielder. I’m a little surprised that a guy like Preston Larrison didn’t get dropped instead.

    Or better still, Neifi. Kinda makes me think a guy like Omar Infante might be part of a deal somewhere for another lefty OF bat, keeping Neifi and Santiago as reserve infielders. There has to be a dozen team willing to give Omar 500 ABs.

    Also, I know I am in the minority on this board, but I like the Mesa signing. I thought last year at the deadline that they could use bullpen help, if only as insurance. Mesa adds depth, cost them nothing in terms of prospects or dollars, it’s a one-year contract, and he can serve in multiple roles. His numbers (in Colorado, no less) are acceptable for a middle reliever. And with Zumaya’s forearm tendinitis problems last year and Rodney’s flashes of wildness, you can never have enough quality, experienced arms.

    That’s my $0.02

  4. I agree with the previous post in regards to Mesa. I think the Tigers may want Mesa’s conditioning program to rub off on some of the younger guys (Zumaya). He will have a positive influence on the bullpen similar to Rogers on the rotation.

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