World Series Activities – Sparky & Tram return

The Tigers announced the pregame ceremonies for the first 2 games of the World Series today.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and Michigan native, Bob Seger will perform “America the
Beautiful” prior to Game One of the 2006 World Series at Comerica Park in Detroit. Tigers legends Al Kaline
and Willie Horton, accompanied by Detroit Tigers’ owner Mike Ilitch, will throw out the ceremonial first pitch
at Game One.
Prior to Game Two, legendary singer and songwriter Anita Baker will perform the U.S. National Anthem.
Sparky Anderson, Hall of Fame manager of the 1984 World Series champion Detroit Tigers, will throw out
the ceremonial first pitch before Game Two.
Members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan will deliver the first game ball to the mound
at Games One and Two. At Game One, the Boys & Girls Club member will be accompanied to the mound by
Ernie Harwell, longtime voice of the Detroit Tigers and member of the Radio Hall of Fame. At Game Two,
the Boys & Girls Club member will be accompanied to the mound by Alan Trammell, MVP of the 1984 World
Champion Detroit Tigers.

It really is about time that Sparky was invited back to Comerica Park. It is also great that Trammell will have a chance to be honored by the fans one last time. Because of the way the season ended last year, fans didn’t have that chance. Regardless of what you think of Trammell’s managing, he is still one of the great all time Tigers and deserves to be honored as such.

23 thoughts on “World Series Activities – Sparky & Tram return”

  1. Good to see Tram get some love. Tram got ripped up and down for some of his onfield decisions, but in truth they are nearly identical to things Leyland does (giving guys days off, etc). In fact, I’d wager that the differences between baseball managers in terms of in-game strategy is smaller than any other major pro sport. They all do the same thing 97% of the time.

    Tram got a bad rap because of off the field stuff. Then again, the off the field stuff would’ve been a hell of a lot easier to manage with a healthy Guillen and Ordonez and full seasons from Zumaya, Verlander, Rogers, Granderson, etc.

    I’d bet dollars to donuts that Tigs would have won at least 90 games with Tram calling the shots this year in the dugout. However off the field, he may have lost too much respect to get 100% from the players.

  2. It looks like the Tigers’ front office did a good job including the legendandary figures in Tigers history. It will certainly be a sight to see. Too bad most of us won’t be able to see it in person. I am going to have to tape Game 1 because I will be freezing my behind off at a Cub Scout campground.

  3. Mike,
    I will be doing the same as you, but thats what the Tvo is for and when this was planned in May I am not sure we would have predicted this. Better to miss game one in the WS than be a Red Sox or who ever else didnt make it.

    Love the things the Tigers are doing with the players etc.
    In the begining of the NLCS I was hoping for the Mets, then the Cards, at this point lets get it on with whoever wins, we are 8 games into the NHL season and have not even started the WS.

    Billfer thanks for the updates and info. Maybe you and the rest of the gus can text message Mike and I while we sleep in cold wet tents, eat overcooked unhealthy food and take 5 advil just to keep moving in the morning.


  4. Hey, that’s great that Trammell will be there for Game 2. I realllllly wish I could be there now…but I’ve still got the Pacific in my way.

    But it’s great news that Trammell will get a chance to be cheered for during this magical season. I really think it was unfair that they fired him after an injury-riddled season. Of course this season has turned out great, so I guess no one can really complain.

    Go Tigers!

  5. Ah scouting, nothing like it!!
    I would love to see Tram actually throw out a first pitch, but you can’t deny Sparky is a great choice. And Ilitch certainly deserves it as well. At least Tram will be there; if anything could possibly be lacking in this fabulous Tigers World Series, that was it (in my eyes, at least.)

  6. Bullet Bob singing “America the Beautiful” at the World Series in Detroit? Alan Trammell getting the opportunity to once again feel how much Tigers fans appreciate him? Pinch me. Am I dreaming?

  7. Any other news on pregame stuff for the weekend? Normally the ballpark opens 90 minutes before gametime, and BP takes place around that time. Would love to catch some of that prior to the game…my wife, my pops and I (all longtime Detroiters) are flying in from Idaho to catch game 1 — got really lucky on tickets.

    NLCS game 7 observation — we’re due for pujols to hit one 600 feet…1-1 in the 8th.

  8. Bix – the 8 o’clock games in the ALDS had gates opening at 6:00pm. The 4:30 games in the ALCS had the gates opening at 2:00. I’d expect it to be either 5:30 or 6:00 for the World Series.

  9. Thanks Billfer. 🙂 My pops is likely to cry when he hears it’s Seger, Kaline, Horton and Ernie the night we’re there…I might too.

    “Playing for the right to face the Tigers in the WS”…hearing that could never get old. 🙂

  10. Bix, Your right becuase we had been playing for the right to pick the first kid out of college.

    I hope Tram gets loved on at the stadium. I was really hoping he could turn it around a couple seasons back. Its too bad but hey the Tigers are in the series and I like Leyland. Sometimes he makes me crazy, but he is the man with the 30+ years managing experience and no one can argue about this year.

    I hope Inge is the MVP hitting .412 with 4 HR’s and steller third base play.

    Well top of ninth Cards up 3-1. Tony and Jim are looking good, Hey maybe ESPN will make a sitcom about it with Tony Danza as Larussa and Richard Crena as Leyland (Burgess Meradeth would have been the real choice) 😉


  11. I agree 100% with all the comments regarding Trammel especially. He was always my favorite player. I’ve also been happy to see respect for him from the team and current coaching staff these past weeks in several newspaper articles and interviews. Tram and the gang might not have taken the team to the playoffs, but I firmly believe they turned around a team of losers and taught some fundamentals and confidence.

    It’s great to see him back! Sparky too!

  12. Amen, Nate! Tram is the best SS who ever played for the Tigs in our long history. That means a lot. Whether or not he was a good manager or was stuck with a bad bag of groceries, really shouldn’t matter. He’s a Tiger legend.

    GO TIGERS!!!!!

  13. I don’t check this blog as much as I should (fallout from the attempt that a couple guys had to highjack it), but I hope people are aware of what last year’s Tigers pitching coach Bob Cluck said before the 2005 season. He said we should give this pitching staff one more year and they will be carrying the club (very disconcerting at the time). Obviously, Tram and his staff played a major part in developing the 2006 Tigers.

  14. Thats really awesome about Tram, I’m glad he wasn’t too bitter to come back, but that guy loves the Tigers more than all of us. He deserves to be there and be part of this.

    I’m wondering if I’ll be too hot in my living room wearing my Tigers jacket, fleece, jersey, and a couple t-shirts during the game… only one way to find out!

    I’m glad its the Cards, seems like a more classic matchup and I hate the Mets.

    GO TIGS!!!!

  15. Steve,

    I wish I had TiVo. Looks like I get to try to program the VCR again for the U of M game and then the beginning of the Tiger game.

    Can the opening ceremonies of Game 1 and Game 2 be considered religious experiences? Congratulations to those lucky ~40,000 who will get to witness it in person.

    GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cub Scout Daddy.

    P.S. The forecast is for rain now during the campout. Maybe we will just drive the 12 hours to Detroit instead…

    P.P.S. I agree with Bix that “playing for the right to face the Tigers in the WS” has to be one of the coolest things ever. The only thing that will top that is: Detroit Lions, Super Bowl Champions.

  16. I am so happy Tram will be there. He is one of my all time favorite players. The only thing missing for me is my dad who passed in 2004. He is why I am a Tigers fan. There will be a Tigers hat at his grave for the entire series.

    Go Tigers!!!

  17. Very disappointed that the Tigers chose to start game 1 with America the Beautiful, instead of the Star Spangled Banner. Our national anthem deserves it’s place in history!

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