Tigers ALCS Celebration Videos

The beauty of the internet age. Yesterday the Tigers clinched a World Series birth and within 24 hours it’s all over the web in various forms.

The whole game can be downloaded free of charge from MLB.com in either WMV or MPEG4 format. If you just want the Magglio Ordonez walk off homer, you can get that 2 minute clip for just $.99.

And of course there is YouTube. The video below is the Fox feed. It’s a little jumpy but what makes it special is that Dan Dickerson’s radio call is synched with the video.

Enjoy…at least until it gets taken down.

29 thoughts on “Tigers ALCS Celebration Videos”

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  2. Jeff-I thought that also, until I watched the clip a couple more times. It doesn’t look to me like Maggs is admiring the hit (I hope not, because I REALLY hate that); I mean, he’s not smiling or anything. I really think he’s just looking to see what happens. If it’s caught, he’s out, end of inning. If it drops in for a hit, then at least Monroe would score and it’s game over. Of course, if it’s gone, then it’s also game over. Maggs didn’t really need to even move, Monroe’s run is the game-winner. The other two are just icing. 🙂

    At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Frankly – I think Maggs was about as stunned as we were. I think he knew it was a home run in his heart and he was just waiting for his brain to compehend what just happened, and what it meant.

    Keep in Mind he was at the plate thinking “Single – all I need is a single.” and instead he get a HR. After the contact with the ball – he became one of us – a fan watching the play. I have not problem with how he reacted at all.

  4. That swing was the biggest of Ordonez’ baseball career and there’s no way he didn’t know it when the ball left his bat-anyone who’s played baseball knows the physical sensation when you solidly connect.I prefer to think that Ordonez’ slow exit from the box was a player and fan enjoying the moment.
    Anyone else think the Tigers get guys from the ’84 team to throw out the first pitches of the World Series?The guys most people think of first are Morris,Gibson,Parrish,Whitaker,and…Alan Trammell.Or how about Ernie Harwell?

  5. Ernie was slated to throw out the first pitch for game 5 of the ALCS, so I’m sure they’ll work him in for the Series.

    Trammell would be a nice gesture, if he’s okay with it (Gage and Parker discussed that prospect in Saturday’s Detroit News).

  6. No Love for me either. I think you should have to answer a Tiger Quiz, to prove you’re an actual fan. The other day 2 friends of mine went to the game. She got tickets as a marketing rep from ESPN. She said she doesn’t really like baseball but wanted to be part of the IN crowd. uuuuuuugghh I think I hate her !!!!

  7. david v,maybe being there will convert your friend.Otherwise,pity her spending eternity in the third circle of Hell.

  8. Hey Bob, She’s my friend, but let her pick a Devil Rays game in May for her conversion! I’ve been waiting a long time for this. I like the third circle of hell idea better!

  9. I am downloading the .mpgs of both series-clinching games right now. Frankly I’m surprised 800mb downloads are available for free. Like -B- said, get ’em while you can.

  10. That’s nice to post that link, thank you.

    I’d love to see Jack Morris throw out a first pitch, he was absoultely huge. I can remember a game I went to in the 80s (1986? I cannot remember) that went this way:

    First inning, first batter, base hit. Second batter, hit into double play. Next: retired 26 in a row.

    Did Sparky Anderson throw out a first pitch yet? HINT HINT

  11. I don’t mind bandwagon fans too much. They do the give team more revenue so it can keep winning!

    But I think for those of us who’ve been around the whole the time, and especially that awful 2003, the reward is a million times bigger than for the johnny-come-latelys.

    Whatever. Long as people are enjoying the Tigers, I’m cool with that.

  12. The only reason I dislike bandwagon fans is it makes it more difficult to get tickets to important games.

    As for the video it will never get old. I tivoed the game and I must of watched the home run about 100 times by now. It just doesn’t get old.

    “In the air left field…The TIGERS MARCH TO THE WORLD SERIES!”

  13. The only reason I dislike bandwagon fans is it makes it more difficult to get tickets to important games.

    Depends on how you define “bandwagon fans”. I’m guessing you declined the opportunity to purchase a ticket package at the beginning of the year, so yeah, you have to elbow past everyone else that recently decided to start coming to the park.

  14. Not everone has a ton of money just lying around Jeff. Especially not a 21 year old college student. I would of loved to buy a ticket package. Didn’t have an extra 300 dollars at the time.

    And my definition of bandwagon fans would be people who don’t come down to the park or watch until the team is good or winning.

  15. I, too, cannot believe MLB.com is letting you download the entire 800+ Meg file for free. That’s a cool “thank-you” to the fans. I downloaded it yesterday. I haven’t had a chance yet to re-watch it, but with a whole week without Tigers baseball in front of me I am sure to find the time 😉

    Would I love to be at Tiger Stadium Comerica Park for the World Series? You bet. Is it any less thrilling to watch from home in the comfort of my easy chair and eating my own food and drinking my low-cost beverages? Nope. 🙂

    Just glad for the opportunity no matter what the venue is.

  16. Bandwagon fans are a reality of life. I can only hope that in five years, we’ll have as many bandwagon fans as the Yankees or the Wolverines do.

    Anyone get lucky and get tickets for the series? Nothing here–even my wife was trying on the home computer.

    Reportedly, only 2,500 per game went up for sale–compared to 15,000 per game for the previous rounds of the playoffs. So if you want to blame someone for the lack of tickets for die-hard fans, blame the Tigers and/or MLB.

  17. Thanks for the link. I’ve downloaded both games and have burned them both to DVD- so much fun to watch over and over again

  18. I was lucky enough to get 4 for game 1 this morning. Worked out airfare, hotel, etc by about 11am, and we’re set! The wife (who is very, very understanding) and I will be there on Saturday!

  19. Great call by Dan!!!! I have inside information that he does not script his calls.

    cc- The game you are refereing to about Jack Morris was against KC on 7/6/90. Acutally the 2nd hitter, Stillwell, got the single and was erased on an inning ending double play. Next 24 retired in a row.

    You can look it up on http://www.retrosheet.org


  20. Interesting piece by Dayn Perry on whether the Tigers match up better vs. the Mets or the Cardinals. The conclusion:

    “Overall, the Tigers would likely be better off facing St. Louis. However, because of the Bataan Death March the Mets’ bullpen is currently enduring that could change. If those relievers continue to be worked vigorously in the NLCS, then the Tigers should prefer the beleaguered Mets. If that’s not the case, then they’ll have the best odds against the overachieving Cardinals. ”


    More good news for us with the rain out tonight. The NL pitching staffs will now have to work three straight days before the single off day prior to the WS (assuming the series goes 7 games).

  21. Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with people cheering on our Tigers. It’s great to have them as the talk of the town. And I love the fact that people care about them again.

    Detroit is a great sports town. I’d say we’re the best sports town in America, yea better than Boston, New York, or Chicago.

    I was just saying that it was nice to be able to go down there at 6:55 and get tickets without a problem, of course that only happens when you’re losing. I’ve waited my whole life for this season and it’s great, but the downside is it’s harder to get into the park.

    I just wish I could get down there for a World Series game. Oh well, I’ll be watching from Cheli’s.

  22. Mike, go outside and talk to people. Tickets were very accessible during the previous rounds. Prices were far below ebay and stubhub. It’ll probably change for the WS, but it’s still worth a try.

  23. Thank you Paul O. for that other clip. I was fortunate enough to have been at the game and relived every emotion when I watched that. I actually found myself jumping up and down in my chair and pumping my fist all by myself in front of the computer. I am not a fair weather fan and have been waiting for this moment to happen again since I was 8 years old. Tickets are out there, you just gotta be willing to pay. I gotta tell ya, I’d pay it again, and again and again. To be in the middle of that many happy people at once and for one of them to be my Dad, you can’t put a price tag on it. One of the best days of my life! Go Tigers!

    …hope I still feel that way when the visa bill shows up!

  24. hey guys, can you just take blank dvd’s and put them into your computer and then burn the games onto them from windows media player? or am i missing something here

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