The never-ending series

Some quick links as things are tied-up and soggy in the 8th inning of the NLCS…

  • I made an appearance on 360thePitch’s Outsider Radio with Brandon Rosage. If you’re looking for a lot of umm’s (all from me, Brandon is smooth) you can hear it here.
  • Kurt points to a national piece that focuses celebratory Detroit riots – but it’s not what you’re used to. Somebody actually pointed out that Detroit has had a half dozen peaceful celebrations since Bubba in 1984 while riots pop up everywhere else.
  • It’s been a rough week for the local dailies who have a dozen writers assigned to cover what has amounted to 2 workouts and a meeting with Jim Leyland. As a result we know how many hot dogs are expected to sell this weekend.
  • In an article in the NY Sun, Christina Karhl from Baseball Prospectus commends the Tigers for some aggressive roster management this season. By regularly shuttling bench players too and from Toledo, it kept anyone from getting stale on the bench or in the bullpen.
  • You know the Fox Trax and other jazz that shows the velocity and break on a pitch? It’s even available on’s Gamecast now. Well, somebody needs to be responsible for that and that person could be you next season.