ALDS Game 4: Yankees at Tigers

PREGAME: I don’t think I need to set up what this game could mean for Detroit (and the Yankees). Instead, let’s look at the pitching match-ups.

The Tigers will send out Jeremy Bonderman. Bonderman led the rotation in K/9 (8.6), BB/9 (2.7), and HR/9 (.77). Despite all that he had the highest ERA in the rotation at 4.08, probably in large part to a DER of .682 while he was pitching. In essence he deserved better on the season. At the same time, Bonderman has twice blown 6 run leads at home this year and has mixed results to say the least in his last few starts. He’s only fanned 8 batters in his last 16 innings.

On the other side Jaret Wright will be pitching for the Yankees. Wright has been a flyball pitcher with only 33% of balls in play coming on the ground. Despite that he’s only allowed 10 homers in 140 innings this season.

As for individual match-ups, Magglio Ordonez is 8 for 18 and Sean Casey is 5 for 11. Pudge Rodriguez is 2 for 10 with 3 K’s against Wright. Damon, Matsui and and A-Rod all have OPS’s greater than 900 off of Bonderman.

: I had the pleasure of watching this game on a grainy little portable TV. The pitch-by-pitch dominance of Jeremy Bonderman was lost in the static, but definitely not in the results. For the 2nd straight day, the Yankee hitters weren’t able to do anything except shake their heads on the way back to the dugout. After Tiger starters failed to record a 1-2-3 inning at any point during the first 3 games, Bonderman retired the first 15 hitters in order.

The Tiger bats had no trouble with the back of the Yankees rotation and their bullpen and as a result this series ended in 4 games.

For those of you fortunate enough to be at the game today, congratulations. You’ve got yourselves one of the best sports memories that you’ll ever experience.

(The folks at Michigan Stadium did a tremendous job keeping the crowd updated. It wasn’t just the regular scoreboard updates that were handy, but they would replay big plays as they happened. They did and awesome job).

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  1. I’d disagree a bit, Scuba. Johnson had given up 5 runs in each of his last three regular season starts. And he gave up 5 runs last night.

    Rogers’ performance was obviously much better than any of could have expected. But he was the one guy who put together multiple low-run starts in the second half, so it wasn’t a complete shock.

    Anyway, I think the key today may be the first inning. Both starters look like they tend to struggle early. I noticed that Wright has struggled against both left-handers and lead-off men. So maybe Granderson can continue his postseason tear. (Although I’m sure the lead-off man stats are primarily a small sample size thing.)

    Go Tigers! Beat New York!

  2. This Tigers-Yankees series is starting to remind me of the 2004 NBA play-offs. I remember how some of the national media were laughing, I mean literally laughing, at how over-matched the Pistons would be against the Lakers. Well, the Pistons got the last laugh in that one. We know the Tigs can’t sweep this one, but if they clinch it today, it’ll be no less satisfying for Detroit and stunning for the rest of the world as the 2004 Pistons. Go Tigs. Go Bonderman.

  3. ESPN2 ticker is reporting that A-Rod is batting 8th and Giambi isn’t in the lineup tonight.

    I know lineup decisions tend to less consequential than we think, but Torre seems to be overreacting a bit.

  4. And benching Giambi isn’t really a lineup decision–that’s just strange. Must be making room for Bernie again.

  5. Inserting Cabrera for Giambi seems like a short-sighted move of desperation for Torre. says Giambi is 3-15 lifetime off Bonderman, not great, but not horrendous (given small sample size). Matsui hasn’t done anything too terrible in LF, seems like a real panic move and I am delighted to see we’ve got the Yankees on the run.

    I also agree that C-Grand is a huge key to this game – our offense goes when he goes. And I think whoever gets the early lead has a big advantage because the 4:30 start time and the resulting shadows on the field are going to impact the hitters.

  6. I still have goosebumps from last night’s game. Lets hope Bonderman uses the energy & adrenaline for good and gives us 5 innings and the lead.

    Ooh baby! I heard there is a flood watch in New York tonight. They are calling for a 95% chance of tears. 😉

  7. why hasn’t the game started
    I’ve seen two different times for it to start, and both of them passed more than 15 minutes ago

  8. Looks like a 4pm broadcast time with an actual first pitch at 4:30.

    Seems the dominant Bonderman has shown up so far–Yanks are goin’ down!

  9. It looks to me like the Yankees decided to start attacking early this game. Even with the struggles for Robertson and Verlander’s control issues, all 3 starters have focused on trying to throw strikes early to get ahead of the count.

    Looks like the Yankees are trying to get on those pitches early so they don’t get behind and let Bonderman go to work with the slider.

    What more could we hope for right now? 4-0 through 3 innings!!!

  10. rogers was lights out last night…bonderman looks even better so far…31 pitches in 4 innings! keep it going guys.

  11. Bonderman looks like he’s on a serious mission. The intensity displayed by our starters this series has been remarkable.

    What a start.

  12. If the Tigers advance to the WS, and win it, somebody could write a book about this series… In previous threads (before the series even started) I started to feel much better about the Tigers odds based on how the ENTIRE world (and NY in general) was viewing this series. Going into the series I was as skeptical about the Tigers chances as any Vegas bookie…however, after observing how the Yankees and media were perceiving the 100% absolute victory for the Yankees (in three games no less), dismissing the Tigers (as if they were lower than the Kansas City Royals — after all, the Royals swept the Tigers) I started to feel much better about the Tigers odds. It was such hubris on the part of the Yankees, that playing the contrarion card was almost a sure bet. Upset was in the air. The Tigers would have three “Ws” under their belts before the Yankees knew what hit them. There are still three out left as I write this, but it looks as though that is exactly what has happened here.

    None of the geniuses who called for Yankees in 3 talked about the Tigers having the most shut-outs in baseball, the best ERA, the second best bullpen, etc., etc. Everyone seemed to forget that for 75% of the year, every one of those “geniuses” ranked Detroit #1 in every power ranking on the Internet….

    Sure, the Tigers unraveled the last six weeks of the year. But to treat the Tigers like the KC Royals was perhaps the greatest mistake the Yankees made, and perhaps the very reason they will be flying back to NY eliminated in the first round after just 4 games.

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  14. How cool was the players running around the field celebrating with their fans. I am insanely jealous of anyone there today. Kenny Rogers looked like a kid. Amazing. This is too good to be true.

    Oh yeah. Great game.

  15. Tigers Fan, I like laughing at A-Rod as much as the next guy (despite how much I actually like him), but it wasn’t all his fault. None of the “best lineup ever” was hitting. The Almighty Jeter was just three for eleven after the 5-hit extravaganza. When you trot out Jaret Wright in an elimination game, that should tell you that things aren’t right (pun intended, I guess) immediately.

  16. Wow…congrats to this team. HUGE props to Bonderman…told you guys pitching stats are out the window in this one. Can’t finish games my butt!!

  17. Great game and celebration. My two favorites are Jim Leyland getting carried off and Kenny Rogers pouring champagne on the Detroit Policeman on top of the dugout………….. classic.

  18. As I mentioned last night, I’m a Yankee fan living in Detroit.

    Congrats to the Tigers. A very well-deserved victory. Don’t listen to all the other Yankee fans that only complain about how the “Yanks blew it.” The Yankees did not lose this series–the Tigers won it. And convincingly too.

    T Smith: First of all, anyone who makes any prediction in baseball cannot be called “geniuses.” They should be called “fools.” As I’ve said a million times this past week, in a sport where the wild card team REGULARLY appears in the World Series, there is no such thing as an upset in baseball. Ask the Royals.

    I’m simply amazed at how people are calling this series an upset. Both teams had almost the exact same records this year, and Detroit was in a tougher division. I know my view was contrary to those of the “experts” but I saw this series as even prior to the beginning. Yes, I thought the Yankees offense was superior, but I also thought the Tigers pitching overall was superior. Before the series opened, I told a fellow Yankee fan that Game 2 was the decider–whoever wins Game 2 will take the series. He thought I was nuts.

    I also don’t think that it was Yankee “hubris” that did them in. The Yankees have lost too many postseason series in the past several years to have been overconfident.

    Good luck against the A’s. I’m quite sure it will be a tougher road to hoe because they have outstanding pitching. Should be pretty evenly matched.

  19. My two cents:

    It wasn’t A-Rod’s fault at all. If they run A-Rod out of town, how about playing third base at Detroit?

    Derek Jeter perhaps sumed it up best, when he scolded reporters, something to the effect: “..I told you a thousand times, in the playoffs, it’s all about pitching. That’s the story here.”

    How about stop focusing on the multi-million dollar best assembled lineup ever, and their failure in the series, and start focusing on the pitching that faced that lineup. It’s common baseball knowledge that good pitching can shut down the best hitters in the game. Hello? Baseball 101! Hello! De Ja Vu from last year facing the Angels! Stop blaming A-Rod and give some Kudos to the Tigers rotation. They are very good pitchers who all happened to pitch at the top of their game in this series.

    If the Yankees had the Tiger’s rotation and bullpen, they would have won 120 games this season.

    Again, just my two cents. Keep the change.

  20. Wearing my Tiger cap in bayside N.Y. elicited some responses from four little yankee fans.”The Tigers have no chance. The yankees are going to win”. I suppose there are a few tears tonite-mine and theirs but for different reasons.

  21. Hey Paul – I don’t blame it all on Alex. I just enjoy blaming him so much. Did I mention I live in Seattle? Yes, we’re still bitter up here. It will be interesting to see the fallout in NY.

    But who cares! The Tigers. Beat. The Evil Empire. The A’s will be very tough.

  22. I don’t blame Arod either. How can you lost two games 6-0 and 8-3 and blame one hitter?? Doesn’t make sense.

    Also, you don’t have to go all the way back to the 2005 Angels series. You can go back a week and a half when Daniel Cabrera thru a no-hitter at this team going into the 9th. That should have sent up red flags that this team could be had.

  23. Darrin,

    I agree with you 100%. Coining these clowns “geniuses” was really just a saracastic quip on my part. And calling them “experts” may be too strong a word as well. My point is exactly the point you make. The whole baseball world–“experts” and novices alike, was viewing this as a such a mismatch, when in reality, these two teams really were not so far apart. Of course baseball is a strange sport and momentum plays a huge hand in things and Detroit was definately not looking like the caliber team they really are in the past six weeks of the season.

  24. T Smith:
    When trying to predict postseason baseball, consider this: the Florida Marlins have been “underdogs” in every postseason series they have played in franchise history.

    They have NEVER lost a postseason series. (6-0)

    You are 100% correct about playoff momentum. I call it baseball’s “poetry.” Leyland sorta echoed the same point tonight in his postgame comments when he said, “It just looked like we were meant to win this series.” There always seems to be a “moment” in a series that tells the whole story. In this series it happened to be the Tiger mid-game comeback in Game 2 and then holding the Yankees back the last few innings.

  25. I’m so proud to be a Tigers fan right now. I’m so proud of the way they played because they took these 3 games the way they won many of the other 95 games this year.

    They’re not a perfect team, and they make a lot of mistakes offensively that go against what traditionally wins ball games. But they also seem to have the guts to overcome them. That’s what happened the last three days and the pitching thanked them by doing their part with talent.


  26. just got home from the game. I’ve never been to a game with so much emotion and excitement. It couldn’t have been any better.

    Go Tigers!

  27. Even in hindsight, I think it’s accurate to call these Tigers the underdogs. They’ve been in a six week slump. They. Hitting and pitching. All of them.

    Six weeks is not a particularly small sample size. They can win, but is it likely? If they continue to do in October what they did in May, they’ll probably win the series, but it would be very unlikely based on what they did in August and September.

  28. Darrin,

    I kinda like that term, “baseball poetry” I read your thread last night and I thought you were right on…(except I wasn’t as sure as you were that the Tigers were going to win today). And I think it applies, as well. I will make sure I cite you if I ever use it in my various writings.

    As far as the Yankee hubris thing, I don’t necessarily think the Yankee organization was acting on hubris, riding an unbridled bronco to the WS so to speak, but the entire baseball world that revolves around the Yankee organization certainly was. It’s such a juggernaut of a message, I still think that message can’t help but get into the heads of some of the Yankee players, even if on a subconscious level.

    As far as the “poetry” going into our series with Oakland, how do you see it unfolding? Both teams seem to be coming into the series with momentum and with the baseball Gods on their side… Any thoughts?

  29. Jeff M,

    Nate Silver did a study showing that September record has almost 0 predictive value about playoff performance…


  30. It’s been said, but I’ve never felt so proud to be a Tiger fan in my life. They stayed focused, and battled the entire series. When they put their foot on the Yankee’s neck, they never took it off. Jim Leyland, while we can’t always agree with the moves he makes, he had this team ready for the Yankees, and they were a machine. It was amazing.

    I was only two when the Tigers last went to the playoffs. I can remember attending my first Tiger game just a few years later. This is so special…I couldn’t contain myself watching the players share the moment with the fans. I’m just so proud of our boys.

    Let’s go beat Oakland!

  31. Class acts in Detroit too. Kaline and Willie throwing out the pitches, Harwell in the booth last night, the ovations for Rogers and Bonderman, all of it showed that Detroit is a baseball town and what a baseball team can mean for a community. Baseball, unilke other sports, brings people together. Detroit showed its class these last two days. They have a great francise and it good to see it thriving again.

    Carrying Leyland off the field made my eyes dusty. When is the last time you saw a team carry the manager/coach off the field, in any sport?

  32. No matter what happens from here on out, over the off season, I’m going to love every A-Rod trade rumor, every Torre firing thoughts, every accusation that Sheffield and Giambi were on steroids. Why? WE DID THAT!!!! Go to sleep New York. It’s time to sleep…

  33. That was some celebration. Makes me wonder what they’ll do when we win the world series?

    I’m assuming Leyland will keep the same rotation for the Oakland series. Any thoughts?

  34. Just got back from the game also. It was awesome.

    What a 24 hours!!

    Bondo was great. He has great stuff and isn’t even 6 months older than Verlander. The only question ever has been his mental toughness.

    After losing the 7/30 Minny game and two 6-0 leads at home after that, I was hoping for 5 innings today.

    What a game he had. He was awesome early and battled well late.

    The Oakland Series should be awesome. Go Kittys!


  35. Greg,

    I would think the only thing that Leyland et. all may consider is switching Verlander and Roberston in the rotation, e.g. Verlander vs. Zito game one, then going Robertson, Rogers, Bonderman. After seeing Bondo tonight, though, I wish there were some way to get him in two outings if the series actually goes to seven games…

  36. Unreal!!!! I know this is only the ALDS but celebrating with the fans out on the field was so awesome.

    The greatest part has to be that no one gave us a chance, none. The media and NY fans (in general) thought the Tigs would roll over. One show said ‘its the easiest post season series the yanks have ever had.’ Guess again! I have an arrogant Yankee fan down the street, the first time I met him this summer he said, ‘Tigers suck’, (I was wearing my hat) I was like yeah nice to meet you too! I said ‘well we have the best record in baseball.’ He replied, ‘that doesn’t matter, we will beat you in october.’ I’m thinking of planting my Tigers flag in his yard!!!!!

  37. Yea, I think we might see Verlander and Robertson flip flop, so we can use Verlander again later in the series.

    But wow, I watched this game from start to finish, I was completely amazed. My favorite Tigers have been Bonderman and Granderson. Bonderman lost 19 games that year they sucked, and like I said he must of thought he was being punished and banished to the D. But there was a lot of young talent and Leyland brought it together. Leyland is the man!

    This is unbelievable. We were celebraing like we won the World Series. It aint over yet.

    A-Rod. Yea, I agree that you cant blame him when the whole team is struggling. But when you pay a guy a QUARTER OF A BILLION dollars over 7 years, you expect certain things. He cant hit in the clutch. Let’s face facts.

    But the Free Press was right. When the Tigers were struggling, they wrote that we shouldn’t worry because the Tigers have pitching and a ton of it, and they are gonna be givin people hell. And that is what they were doing. They have a ton of pitching.

    This is absolutely unbelievable. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Even if Verlander stays at the 2-slot, he can be used later in the series. I don’t think there is any real need to switch them around.

  39. “If they make the playoffs, they are going to cause trouble. You know why? Power pitching.”

    –David Ortiz on the Detroit Tigers, Sports Illustrated, mid-August

    Great job. Make life miserable for King George and his minions. On to Oakland.

  40. Good post on Pavano, I for one was really bummed when he did not come here. I thought this would be a great place for him and the money was good with out the NY circus, Well God had other plans and we have a solid staff with more in the system. I think we need a bat or two but lets see about that in the off season.

    Polanco is my MVP, the guy is steady, professional and gets everything he can out of each at bat. I am so glad he is healthy and with the team for the playoffs,

    Is there ANY champagne left in Detroit?


  41. I said it before and I’ll say it again – In Leyland We Trust.

    He got our boys ready to play and basically showed the Yankees what great pitching does to great hitting. Lets not sell ourselves short and say that the Yankees choked.

    We Flat Out Took Them Out Behind the Woodshed, yanked their beloved pinstripes down and spanked their high-paid fannies with 100mph+ fastballs, bottom dropping breaking balls, mystifying changeups and more than enough offense to take care of business.

    The Yankees are probably the greatest collection of talented individuals ever assembled.

    The Tigers are a TEAM.

  42. “If they run A-Rod out of town, how about playing third base at Detroit?”

    Or shortstop–with Guillen moving to 1B. Of course, we’d probably have to give up pitching, and it would be a shame to given them any pitching. If the Yankees have proved anything, it’s that you can buy hitting but you can’t buy pitching.

    On that topic: Has there ever been a better illustration than the last two games of the old cliche’ “Good pitching always beats good hitting”?

    It will be interesting to see what Leyland does with the rotation. I predict he’ll either (1) stick with the same order, to show he’s confident in everybody or (2) skip Roberston until Game 4 to make sure both Rogers and Bonderman would start twice if the series goes seven games.

    It’s a beautiful day to be a Tiger. Let’s go get those A’s! If we do, the potential exists for a rematch of either the ’84 series (Padres) or the ’68 series (Cardinals).

  43. Could not agree more Andrew.

    Did anyone see the Leyland interview on Fox after the game where he says ” that we is really happy for the fans because he feels we (the team) let everyone down last weekend and they (the fans) missed out on this (the celebration)”

    Andrew, please prepare the hangover bucket from Michigan >> bucket, alka-setlzer, cheeseburgers and chocolate milk, towel and new Tiger hat becuase the one you had on today is on your roof 😉

  44. Steve,

    I ought to throw in a box of Oatmeal Cream pies too. And a jumbo bag of Big League Chew.

    I predicted (in jest) on Tuesday a three game sweep of the Yankees. I guess the Tigers thought the series didn’t start until Thursday ;).

    I just watched all of the celebration and game highlights at and have goosebumps. Oh to have been there.

    U of M won easily 31-13. I said it yesterday (or Thursday I can’t remember now) that there should be no contest as to which sporting event you would watch/listen/attend. Am I justified or what? 🙂

  45. I’ll reiterate…A-Rod kinda has what we might call the “Kenny Rogers” syndrome in NY. And he’s STILL a .300 hitter/40 homer player. Put him in Detroit, and he’ll bat .345 with 50 homers and reclaim his golden glove (and yes, I’m factoring in the CoAmerica Park element to that 50 home run perdiction).

    Right outside Yankee Stadium, there is a huge billboard with only four words on it that reads:

    Prospect…Rookie….All Star…Yankee

    The point, of course, implies is the natural progression of a baseball player’s career. In other words, if you become a Yankee someday, you’ve arrived. You’re part of an elite group among your peers. I really think players buy into that. This is why we couldn’t get Abreu and why Abreu didn’t want to come to the Tigers…he wanted only to be traded to the “ever-glamorous Yankees”

    A-Rod buys into this as well. Once he obtained a reputation in the baseball world of being perhaps the greatest baseball player ever, and certainly the highest-paid baseball player ever, the only thing left for him to achieve was to become a Yankee–and a Yankee as in Ruth, DeMaggio, Gehrig (honorable mention, Reggie Jackson). He also believed that the Yankees offered him the best path to get a WS ring. As my take on it goes, these are A-Rod’s career aspirations. In one hundred years, he would like his name uttered with the aforementioned giants.

    But if A-Rod had a good agent, he would tell his client that attempting to achieve this legacy will backfire on him. In one hundred years, you will likely hear Jeter’s name uttered next to Ruth, DeMaggio, and Gehrig. But Rodriguez will never obtain that legacy.

    Again, I have no problem envisioning a history that showcases A-Rod alongside Ty Cobb and Al Kaline. And I think A-Rod would thrive in Detroit over the next decade and develop into one the greatest players in the game. But he has to play in a place like Detroit. Not NY. History makes players like Ruth, DeMaggio, and Gehrig. That aren’t presupposed before they even finish out their careers.

  46. Congratulations to the boys and everyone in Detroit for putting on a great show. I couldn’t be prouder. I know there are 2 more series needed for the top prize, but this was really about burying the past and proving they belonged. Well done on both counts.

    Picking an MVP for the series is tough. I’d almost go with Rogers for his performance in the pivotal Game 3 — plus I think he provided the blueprint for Bonderman today. Throw strikes early, challenge them, and get them to chase off speed stuff out of the zone. Bonderman’s slider was nasty today, but only effective, I think, because of the counts.

    Nice to look back and see there are 10 guys from 2003 still on this team. No doubt, the newcomers are the reason the Tigers will be playing next week, but it’s good to see the 2003 guys get to celebrate. Four of them — Bonderman, Inge, Monroe and Walker — were on the field today. I wonder if Leyland let Walker finish because of that? He’s been terribly overlooked with all the other pitching talent, and is more of a specialist, but has been a terrific Tiger over the years.

    My only worry now is a letdown against Oakland, but I’ll worry about that series on Monday. Bless you boys, again.

  47. Congratulations to the boys and everyone in Detroit for putting on a great show. I couldn’t be prouder. I know there are 2 more series needed for the top prize, but this was really about burying the past and proving they belonged. Well done on both counts.

    Picking an MVP for the series is tough. I’d almost go with Rogers for his performance in the pivotal Game 3 — plus I think he provided the blueprint for Bonderman today. Throw strikes early, challenge them, and get them to chase off speed stuff out of the zone. Bonderman’s slider was nasty today, but only effective, I think, because of the counts.

    Nice to look back and see there are 10 guys from 2003 still on this team. No doubt, the newcomers are the reason the Tigers will be playing next week, but it’s good to see the 2003 guys get to celebrate. Four of them — Bonderman, Inge, Monroe and Walker — were on the field today. I wonder if Leyland let Walker finish because of that? He’s been terribly overlooked with all the other pitching talent, and is more of a specialist, but has been a terrific Tiger over the years.

    My only worry now is a letdown against Oakland, but I’ll worry about that series on Monday. Bless you boys, again.

  48. Sorry, that last post got posted twice. I forgot to mention the NY media took to calling A-Rod A-Wol. And I can’t wait to stay up Sunday night to see Mike Francesa on his NY TV show! I might have to tape it to watch over and over.

  49. I really like A-Rod, to be quite honest, but I don’t see how we could really get him. They would probably have to give one of Verlander-Miller-Zumaya and I’m just not interested in doing that. For now, let’s focus on the A’s!!!!

  50. Okay,

    Tigers won the season series 5-4. I don’t really recall the details, but it seems to me we never faced Zito? Is that correct (wasn’t he hurt or something?)

    Only think I remember clearly is that game we blew the 5 run lead that we got in the first inning (which was also the game that decidedly sent Shelton to the minors due to his ridiculous swings/Ks).

    How did we hit their other Harden and the other pitchers?

  51. T Smith: Tigers vs. A’s is a brand new animal so the “poetry” is yet to be written 😉

    From an analysis perspective I would give the A’s a SLIGHT edge simply because they get games 6 and 7 away from Comerica. Otherwise, I see the two teams very evenly matched. I smell a 7 game series.

  52. Unfortunately, I missed out on all the excitement thanks to starting one of the most boring jobs ever today. Worse still, the shift runs right through every possible game time. When(not if!) the Tigs make the WS, I might just have to quit so I can actually watch the games. It will be worth it.

    I really have nothing else to say that hasn’t been said already, so I’m just gonna post my 2 favorite quotes from todays events.

    From Jerry Crasnick’s ESPN article:
    “Plain and simple, they dominated us,” [Alex] Rodriguez said. “It’s not like we lost by one or two runs. They actually kicked our ass.”

    Today’s MLB Discussion thread brought to you by….*Grabs throat, collapses to the floor*….A-Rod and the NY yankees


  53. There is no way I want A-Rod to be a Tiger. He doesn’t win anywhere, not Texas or NY. On top of that he’s a big headache. I would take Inge at 3rd and Guillen at short, ten times over.

    Besides A-Rod sucks. You really want a 1-30 playoff hitter in your lineup?

  54. Hey Darrin, I have to say, you are way more gracious than I could be if our teams’ positions were reversed. Now I have to re-evaluate my opinion of Yankee fans. Thanks for your insights; your concept of baseball poetry shows a real understanding and love for the game.

    We didn’t have to wait long for the Torre firing rumors to start, did we? And I think whichever team wants A-Rod may not have to give up that much. I have a feeling the Yankees are looking to dump him as quickly as possible. In fact the biggest drawback I see is not what you have to give up for him, but taking on that huge salary. I bet the Yankees may even be willing to assume some of that, just to unload him. I really do think he’d have an easier time of it here in Detroit. We were pretty patient with Maggs, for example.

  55. Anne:
    Thanks for your compliments.
    Yankee fans even nauseate me sometimes too. All they are doing now is blaming Torre, blaming Arod, blaming the team chemistry, etc. You don’t hear a single one of them saying, “Wow, Detroit really outplayed us and deserved to win.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I was sickened by what happened this weekend, but I’ve been a baseball fan long enough to realize the difference between losing games and being beaten by a better opponent. I can live easier when my team is beaten fair and square like this weekend.

    Give yourself more credit, too. If the Tigers had been dominated by the Yankees I think you’d eventually find a way to be gracious.

    What you (and other fans) REALLY have to be careful of is the obnoxious behavior of winning fans. Don’t turn into those hubristic, arrogant fans when your team wins (re: Yankees and Red Sox fans). I know it’s been a while for the Tigers and this feels really good, but take a hint from Leyland and Kenny Roger’s postgames comments: they were extremely graceful and respectful in their victory speeches. Trust me: the obnoxious nose-rubbing when you win has a way of coming back at you.

  56. “Besides A-Rod sucks.”

    Get real with that kind of stuff, Jojo. It’s just ridiculous. He has struggled mightily for this latest playoff stretch, but he does not suck.

  57. superman

    i love it….

    an employee of mine brought up an interesting scenario, tigers beat the mets in the world series……that way we can break all of new yorkers hearts, not just 2/3 of them!!!!!

    btw, is it me or did hockey season start way too early this year???

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