Tigers Celebration Video

If you’re looking for the video of the Tigers celebration, it’s been YouTubed. It’s up in 5 parts, part 1 is below.

UPDATE: MLB is making some video available as well. It can be downloaded in either WMV or MP4 format. (By the way, it’s almost a gig so this isn’t for the faint of dial-up)

11 thoughts on “Tigers Celebration Video”

  1. Bill,
    Keep up the fine work as the Tigers get a chance to roar in the postseason. I sincerely hope you get a chance to play and defeat the Yankees.

    Check out your blog co-featured today on our main page, and best of luck in the playoffs.

    Walter Roark (editor)
    (All baseball, all the timeā€”over
    220 blog feeds + news sources)

  2. Billfer, thanks for answering my prayers, as a fan in Vancouver I wouldn’t have seen this otherwise. This site has been a wonderful place to share the season we’ve been waiting for for years.

  3. I can’t take the credit for getting the video up to Youtube. I’m merely a linker. But I’m glad you guys are enjoying it.

  4. As a MLBtv subscriber, I thought it was nice that they stayed with the broadcast through the locker room interviews yesterday. Usually they cut the broadcast immediately after the final out.

    Some good stuff.

  5. Anyone notice this morning how brightly the sun beams, how clean and fresh the air feels?

    You just whetted my whistle for 4 more YouTubed parts.

  6. I just want to add that the entire game from yesterday is downloadable from MLB.com (FOR FREE) – no post-game celebrations, but still. Download it and burn it onto a DVD or something.

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