Setting up the playoff rotation

Jim Leyland announced today that Justin Verlander wouldn’t be making his start on Saturday. This is probably good on a couple fronts.

First, Verlander’s velocity was down in his last start. He’s well eclilpsed his previous innings threshold and fatigue is certainly a reality. I can’t speak to how much a couple extra days will aid in recovery, but it certainly shouldn’t hurt.

Second, it sets up what will likely be the Tigers playoff rotation. I’m guessing it will be Rogers-Verlander-Robertson-Bonderman, unless Bonderman gets for his next start on Sunday. Each of the 4 would be pitching on normal or extended rest. The Twins losing at some point would certainly facilitate that.

2 thoughts on “Setting up the playoff rotation”

  1. I like the proposed rotation and I like giving Verlander a couple extra days. I agree that he hasn’t been rested enough. I think you can point to at most a handful of instances where he was handled differently than a veteran.

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