Nook Logan Traded and Roster Recalls

Nook Logan, who was designated for assignment on Tuesday, was traded to the Washington Nationals for a player to be named later. Chances are the player isn’t Alfonso Soriano :-).

The Tigers also welcomed two members of the Toledo roster into the clubhouse. Ramon Santiago and Jordan Tata were added to the expanded rosters. Tata will presumably be waiting in the wings if Wil Ledezma falters in his Sunday night start.

7 thoughts on “Nook Logan Traded and Roster Recalls”

  1. Santiago and Tata are no surprise. The bigger surprise are all the omissions: Shelton, Clevlen and Spurling. Shelton didn’t exactly tear up AAA but he wasn’t terrible. Something must have happened that put him in the dog house. While I admit they don’t need a 6th outfielder thinning out the playing time for the other 5, Clevlen had impressive success in his short stint. Spurling is probably the biggest surprise to me. He’s always been decent at the major-league level and he had a darn good season at AAA. I expected at least one more pitcher for September. All these young arms are already near their yearly limit. I am worried that some of them will develop problems from overuse at such a young age. I think the accepted rule of thumb is to keep pitchers around 150-175 until they’re 25. I keep thinking about Mark Fidrych. I hope we don’t destroy careers for the sake of the pennant race.

    I’m sad to see Nook Logan go. He is my kind of player, fast, good D, centerfielder. By “my kind” I mean that’s how I was when I played baseball (now that I’m over 40 I’m just a fast, good D, softball player). Good luck to Nook.

  2. Why Santiago? whats the point of having another light hitting middle infielder on the bench? why not bring up another bat in shelton? oh thats right…Leyland doesnt need extra bats on the bench because he never pinch hits! He has to get Nefi his 4 at bats per game.

  3. Bummer for Logan. I always liked him.

    Is Colby Lewis still with the team? I’m not seing him on the Gameday roster. If not, he could make a decent pitching call-up.

    I’d love to see more from Clevelan, but the OF is already pretty full.

  4. It’s been an exciting year to be a Tiger fan…but the Mud Hens are no slouch either. They are currently tied for first in the IL West and also have a longshot to be the wild card team, so perhaps Shelton, Spurling, etc. have been left down in the minors to help the Mud Hens defend their title. This is the last weekend of the regular season.

    Or perhaps it may be because it would be more beneficial in the development of these players to get regular at bats or innings pitched instead of coming up to Detroit and sitting on the bench. I suspect that when the Mud Hens are done, they’ll all be up in Detroit.

  5. Michael-relax man. Kevin is right, there will be more call-ups. I’d be shocked if Clevlen and Shelton aren’t recalled when their seasons are over. Tata was brought up because he couldn’t contribute to Toledo the next couple days anyways, and he’ll be available for the Tigers. As for Santiago, there have been reports that Neifi has a hurt wrist. He is probably merely insurance at this point.

  6. Yeah,I’m gonna miss Logan,too.At the plate,he reminded me of a younger Neifi Perez.Speaking of Perez,this guy I met in a bar,says for the right price he can make him “disappear” until after the playoffs(there’s no guarantee I run into Neifi again and get another chance to bend his wrist backward when we shake hands).Any takers?

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