Game 155: Tigers at Royals

PREGAME: Things were looking good earlier this afternoon. Michigan was beating up on Wisconsin, and the Mariners held a 7-2 lead before a rain delay settled in moments after the 5th inning was completed. While the Wolverines held on, the Mariners collapsed when play resumed and as I write this they are trailing 11-7. So the Tigers will have to wait until at least tomorrow to have a chance to celebrate their first playoff birth since 1987.

Tonight the Tigers will turn to Kenny Rogers to get them one game closer. He’ll be opposed by Mark Redman in a battle of soft tossing lefties.

Game Time 7:10pm

POSTGAME: A certain Tiger returns to the lineup and the bats came alive. Welcome back Chris Shelton! I kid of course, but it was nice to see all the members of the early season lineup swinging the sticks together again. The first inning was, long, fruitful, unreal, fun…Curtis Granderson and Carlos Guillen combined for the cycle in that first inning.

Kenny Rogers did a good job of making sure this game didn’t turn interesting. Really the only downside from the game was Mike Maroth surrendering 3 runs in the 9th inning. In his last 2 outings he’s allowed 3 homers. Now in Maroth’s defense, he’s made 3 appearances spread out over 15 days. For someone used to going out every 5th day it is probably an adjustment, not to mention the fact he is coming off of surgery.

Maroth is teetering on the edge of not making the playoff roster. The Tigers can get by without him, but I’m rooting for Maroth. He endured so much during the 20 loss season and was a sacrificial lamb that season. For what he went through in 2003 and for being an all around good guy, I’d love for him to contribute to a post season run.

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  1. Granderson better go for the cycle. He has a HR and a Triple in the first inning. All he needs is a single and a double.

  2. How must the Gambler feel. He hasn’t even thrown a pitch and has a 10-0 lead. I sure hope Leyland gives Jones the night off.

  3. Pete, Are you comfortable having Neif play tonight so we can increase the number of fan club members ?

    For those of you that dont know, Pete is Perezident of the Neifi for Perezident fan club 😉

  4. Ok, time to get Pudge and Guillen out of there. Let Kenny get his win and then pull him too. Tata, Miller, Grilli and Miner can finish this one up.

  5. Jeff, I agree……….. lets keep the guys fresh. Theother guys could use the reps as well, Get Santiago, Wilson etc out there. It would be unfortunate to have some one pull a hammie or get knicked up when its a blow out.


  6. I’m a little bummed to see Rogers out there in the 6th. At only 58 pitches, he could have been ready to go by Wednesday. Would have given Leyland a chance to juggle guys or just give everyone a breather. He probably wouldn’t have done it anyways, but options are always good.

  7. I don’t have too much of a problem letting Rogers go as long as he did. If it was a younger guy, then you probably pull him earlier. Plus Rogers didn’t exactly work so hard today. Maybe Rogers felt more comfortable pitching a normal game. You don’t really know whats going on down there.

  8. ….plus the rotation is set up to have Rogers pitch on tuesday october 3rd on normal 4 days rest after his next start I think.

  9. It sounds like backseat driving. I have no problem with it. Rogers can handle it fine and requested it.

    From Jason Beck’s gamestory:
    Asked about it afterward, Rogers said with a chuckle, “I was working on talking him into letting me stay out there a little longer. I just felt fine and I just pitched six [innings] last time because I didn’t feel so great. I wanted to go a little longer. That was my goal was to pitch some innings and earn it.”

  10. So it appears the tigers are gheadin to the playoffs. Well…the Yankees are a eam that I certainly worry about. But yo, this is exciogting. This is unbelievable.

    Sean Casey we need you. You are our difference maker. You can hit a steady consistent 6th, definite. And we got Polanco back.

    Ride on Tiges. We can still pull it out this season. We can beat the yankees. BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bilfer, I too love what Maroth has done for this team. But I just don’t know what he can contribute to a playoff team, unless it’s mopup duty, ala last night.

    I’d be real nervous if he came into a tight situation in the playoffs. I just don’t think he’s back to where he needs to be effective. It seems to me that his stuff doesn’t seem to move as much or maybe its just pitch selection. Or maybe he’s holding something back…who knows?

  12. Chris Y, I have to agree. The minute Maroth came in, I had a strong suspection KC was going to start playing long ball. Maybe he can come back to form by next spring, but I would be extremely nervious with him in there during any other role than the one he played last night.

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