Game 151: Tigers at White Sox

PREGAME: After a decisive victory last night, the Tigers look to put another nail in the coffin of the White Sox and stave off the Twins. To do it they’ll send out a stacked lineup with Sean Casey batting 3rd and another night of Neifi Perez. If I could type that confused sound that Scooby Doo makes I would.

Omar Infante has once again been relegated to the bench as Perez makes his 3rd start in a row.

Now I know that Jim Leyland likes to look at batter-pitcher history when making his lineup. Somehow Neifi’s 2 for 13 is more impressive than Infante’s 5 for 25 with 2 homers. And Chris Shelton’s 7 for 19 with 2 homers doesn’t warrant a start either. Harrumph.

Hopefully Justin Verlander will be in Rookie of the Year form instead of Rookie form and it all becomes a moot point.

POSTGAME: As the Tigers did to the White Sox Monday, the reverse took place last night. The White Sox homered the Tigers to submission while Freddy Garcia was simply awesome. After the first 2 batters reached base for the Tigers, Garcia only allowed a walk for the remaining 8 innings. Essentially it didn’t matter how good Verlander was, the Tigers weren’t scoring.

And as for Verlander, he was erratic with his control. This was exemplified when a hit batter and a walk (followed by a tweener single) led to the Pierzynski grand slam. In Verlander’s defense, that pitch that AJ hit out was really a pretty good pitch. It was a curve ball down in the zone. As much as I hate to compliment Pierzynski, because, well, he’s Pierzynski, that was a great piece of hitting.

The Twins won, as you’ve probably heard. The Tigers lead is down to a half game, and Thursday morning we could be looking at a new division leader.

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  1. Dye and Thome go yard. I’m not watching the game, but the guys on WXYT make it sound as though Verlander has been meat all day. Any explanation about why he was left in for so long?

  2. Was at the game tonight. Verlander was behind a lot of hitters. Tigers looked like they were going through the motions – maybe the weather got them down (cold, windy and off & on rain). Inge made a couple of nice plays. Overall very disappointing effort.

  3. What a stinker. They don’t NEED to win tomorrow but they still need to. Plus it’s on ESPN, so better play up for the national audience.

  4. I agree with the guy who said ‘live by the HR, die by the HR’.

    Wednesday’s game becomes the latest “Biggest Game Of The Season”.

    Which Tigers team will show up on Wednesday? The one that won with excellent pitching and power on Monday night? The one that couldn’t pitch and damn sure couldn’t hit on Tuesday night?

    Are we going to see the Tigers do what they seem to do best these days? By that, of course, I mean win the first game of the series only to stink up the joint the rest of the series.

    Do you trust Bonderman to get the job done?

    Keep in mind, the White Sox had already claimed the season series by winning the last series between the two teams. In head to head matchups, Chicago is obviously (and by far and away) the better team of the two.

    Are the Tigers going to come into Wednesday’s game in a funk? More often than not this season, it seemed like maybe they were intimidated when they’d play the White Sox. It was as if there was some kind of funky mental block that kept them from playing as well as they could’ve. Will the Tigers somehow find a way to come into Wednesday’s game fired up, knowing that their backs are against the wall more than ever?

    The Twins now trail the Tigers by a half game. When Wednesday night gives way to Thursday morning, will there be a new first place team in the division?

  5. no big deal – guys didn’t have it tonight
    i expect to see some more life outta the boys tomorrow afternoon
    -go tigs!!!

  6. I don’t agree that the White Sox are the better team because of head-to-head records. By that logic: White Sox > Tigers > Twins > White Sox. That doesn’t make a lick of sense. I’d rather look at their overall records, especially given the very similar schedules for two teams in the same division. By that measure the Tigers are five games better.

  7. Ok, so right now do you think the Tigers are better than the White Sox? Those overall records were compiled over the course of the past 5 months. Can you see the Tigers beating anybody in a playoff series? I surely can’t.

  8. Billfer ….(with all due respect) Thursday will not bring a new leader, we are here to stay til the end.
    These guys need to watch Miracle and the first 8 eight episodes of Band of Brothers ;). They will unite and take it.


    PS. My favorite episode is 7

  9. I think we are better than the White Sox. Both Teams are an identical 7-11 in September and we have a 5 game lead on them as it stands now.


  10. The Tigers-White Sox dynamic is just interesting. The teams are a lot more even than the record indicates. Heck, they even go back and forth battering each other. And then you have the fact Verlander has an ERA of 7.82 against them but better than 3.63 for the rest of MLB and he’s given up half his home runs. When the teams play, I’m picking the White Sox to win. If you want to say that means the Sox are better, that’s fine. But on the basis of 1 team vs. other ther 29, it’d be hard to claim the Sox are better right now.

  11. I’m with Kurt here, and I’ll just say this:

    The course of a season is integral to comparing teams. Any team, at any time can go win 5 games in a row. Or lose the same number, maybe more. That’s why it’s ridiculous to have gone bananas over the Tigers ten game lead in July.

    Regardless of how the Tigers have played over the last couple months, they are still a better team, as their record indicates. If the Sox finish with a better record than us, then you can say all you want about them being the better team. The best teams get into the playoffs, then we get to see which of those teams can get on a treak and finish it. Ah, baseball.

    If we ignored season records, the playoffs wouldn’t matter, and blah, blah, blah. I’m betting the Tigers win 100, how about you?

  12. You’re never going to be able to make a definitive judgement about whether one team is “better” than another at any given point (assuming their records aren’t wildly different). There’s too much randomness inherent in the game of basball. The only thing that matters in my book is “odds of winning the World Series.” And right now, I like the Tigers’ odds a lot more than I like the White Sox’.

  13. Wow, Chris. That means we go 10-1 from here. Grant it, we have a cream-puff schedule here on out (save for tonights’ game and a probable pitcher named Holladay during the Toronto series. But, hey. It’s possible. Tigers have certainly played .900 over the span of 11 games this season. Possible, but unlikely.

    In any event, I wouldn’t say your on mescaline, just overly optimistic. I’m going to certainly get behind the theory that it’s possible to win 100, if we start to get hot. In any event, if we win 97, I’d say we’re playing good shape to contend in the playoffs–and some here would probably say I’m on mescaline to call it at 97.

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