Game 147: Orioles at Tigers

PREGAME: Jeremy Bonderman takes on Hayden Penn who has been shelled in 2 very brief appearances this season.

I’m basing this on nothing but my gut, but I think Bonderman bounces back big time tonight.

Game Time 7:05pm

POSTGAME: Thank goodness for series openers. The Tigers won in a laugher tonight. Bonderman wasn’t dominant with 9 baserunners over 6 innings, but he certainly was more effective. Of course with 17 runs Bonderman could have been awful and the Tigers would have still won.

The Tigers came out patient tonight with the first 10 hitters taking the first pitch they saw. While it took until the 4th inning for the Tigers to really break through, they had good approaches and good at-bats throughout the night. In the end they hit 4 homers, 3 of which went to the opposite field and that doesn’t count the one that Pudge had taken away. The one homer that was pulled was of course Brandon Inge’s which was complete with post-swing-cup-adjustment.

Now for Inge to hit that homer (and for Matt Stairs to get the bases loaded walk) it required the Tigers loading the bases. Going into tonight the Tigers only had 13 plate appearances with the bases loaded since August 8th.

The only downside to tonight is that Carlos Guillen seemed to be hobbling. Hopefully with an early night due to blow-out-ed-ness he’ll be back in tomorrow.

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  1. OK, We have our every day line up tonight less Polanco. Baltimore is cheese this year so lets get three here. Neifi is on the bench, lets get the oatmeal pies out and have a real solid win.

    Have a great night guys

  2. Is anyone else amused by the fact that Orioles pitcher Hayden Penn reduced his ERA from around 37.00 to 28.80 by giving up only one run in the first inning?

  3. I’m a little late to the game here…

    6 Ks through 3? And he’s given up 2 walks and 3 hits?

    What’s his pitchcount at?

  4. thames now 10 for 52 with runners in scoring positon. give me dmitri or stairs over this guy! we need a big inning not a ground out.

  5. Oh man. Stephen…a few weeks ago that comment would’ve started a firestorm.

    Thankfully, times have changed.

    I like that show of emotion from Maggs. This team needs to start showing a pulse.

  6. Even Maggs goes deep – this team may be just what we need right now! Just hope the hitting carries through the whole series!!

  7. I’ve learned not to get too excited when we win the first game of a series, but I must say it is very, very nice to see us hitting the ball like this. I would also like to note that Magglio “one of the worst free agent signings in the history of Detroit sports” Ordonez is hitting .347 (.895 OPS) in September.

  8. I realize it does not really matter who is batting right now, but if there is one guy on this team who deserves a chance to pad his stats in a meaningless at bat against a crappy pitcher, it’s Marcus Thames. Stairs should not be pinch-hitting.

  9. Good god. Where the hell was this offense the last two weeks?

    15 runs? Even against a team like Baltimore, this is impressive. Let’s hope they can carry this over into the stretch drive.

  10. its too bad we just used op our run quota for the rest of september and 4 days into october. hopefully we can keep it up

  11. Why this unbridled love affair with Thames? The man’s hitting .188 with a .241 OBP since the break. For the season, he’s hitting .207 with runners in scoring position and a sterling .157 with risp and two out. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he’s a fringe major leaguer at best. And he’ll turn 30 before opening day next year. He’s not gonna get much better. He’ll be playing for the Tigers in 09, the Hanshin Tigers.

  12. I think this qualifies as a good old fashion spanking. Twins are losing right now through eight in Cleveland.
    We could use some seperation.

  13. Fair point by Stephen. Thames may be so underrated that he’s become overrated. Here are his OPS numbers by month:

    April: .989 (38 AB)
    May: 1.113 (46 AB)
    June: .985 (97 AB)
    July: .683 (66 AB)
    August: .966 (46 AB)
    September: .496 (37 AB)

    He had one bad month, July. He seems to be having another bad month right now, but he’s only had 37 ABs in Sept., and there is still time for him to turn it around.

    But I agree with your overall point, that the commenters on this board (myself included) are perhaps a bit too high on Thames.

  14. Just as a FYI, one year ago today we had a couple more wins in the season than Baltimore does right now, so we know how it feels to be way out right now.

    The once proud Orioles franchise is about as bad as we have been over the last o’fer a 12 year strech. It really is remarkable where this club has come in the last three years. While we have been stumbling as of late, the out look for a competitive club and a perenial favorite is here.

  15. Oh no…top of the 9th and the Twins get the first 2 men on! C’mon Cleveland! Don’t blow it!

  16. I am wondering if all these spare guys will be here next year, Neifi is textbook anchor he should be a write off like a bad debt, Thames, Monroe etc plus Clevlen and any Free agents. Not that I want to look ahead but I wonder who is going over board?

  17. man, maybe it was the right ‘book’ decision to walk the guy to create the force out. but to face morneau?? they’re lucky it was just a sac fly.

  18. Hopefully instead of getting all of our runs in the series opener this is a trend for this series with Baltimore. We really need the bats to be lively like this and really get back on that roll we were on in the first 2/3s of the season.

    Minnesota just tied things up in the 9th. 🙁

  19. Isn’t there a line in the Princess Bride that goes, “You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: Never bet on the Indians bullpen!”

  20. It’s a beautiful night. Random thought: Anyone remember the game when Vance Wilson homered to beat Santana 1-0? Reverse that decision (and, of course, assume everything else happened exactly as it has), and the Twins would have had a one-game lead going into tonight.

  21. Sox are down, 3-1. Could be a perfect night. The last time we had one of these we gave it all back the next night. It would be nice to put some distance between us and Chicago before we have to play them in their house.

  22. Surprised there’s no mention of the Mudhens winning tonight and forcing a game 5 versus the Twins’ AAA team the Rochester RedWings. Hannahan hit a monster bomb to right field and Mohr had a two run shot as well. In a bizarre scene, Boehringer got tossed in the middle of throwing a shutout for arguing with the ump (who then only tossed him out after there was a team meeting on the mound). It was a great game and a lot of fun and I’ll be back there tomorrow night!

  23. *** Random thought: Anyone remember the game when Vance Wilson homered to beat Santana 1-0? Reverse that decision ***

    On the other hand, does anyone remember the Santana vs. Bonderman balk game in Minneapolis at the end of July? It goes both ways.

  24. Funny Story:

    I live next door to my sister, she was having a work party tonight. Apparently one of her co-workers was in front of my house looking at my yard when she suddenly hears someone yelling from inside “GET OUT OF HERE!!!!”

    She quickly heads over to the party and tells my sister what just happened, she calls me and asks what I’m doing yelling at her guests telling them to get out of my yard.

    I had no idea anyone was there I was yelling at the TV when Brandon hit that ball, GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! LOL

    I live in Portland OR, but I also live on Detroit Ave, the neighbors already know to expect some yelling when the Detroit Tigers are on!

  25. Great story, Joey.

    I’m in an apartment, so I can only imagine what my neighbors think of me these days. Especially after the 5 minutes of maniacal laughter after Brandon threw Robertson out from section 140.

  26. Joey K…very funny. At least you didn’t say, “…STRETCH! STRETCH!!” like those goof-ball announcers from Chisox say.

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