Game 136: Angels at Tigers

PREGAME: After a very pleasant beginning to the final month of the season, the Tigers will look to keep the good times coming. This is of course predicated on the rain stopping.

Justin Verlander will be taking the mound. He wasn’t able to hold a lead in his last start against Cleveland and his final line showed 8 runs allowed in 4 2/3 innings. With Jonathan Papelbon and Francisco Liriano injured, this is Verlander’s chance to stake a claim to the Rookie of the Year award.

Joe Saunders will be pitching for the Angels. He joined the rotation in late July and won his first 4 starts allowing only 7 runs over 27 innings. However in his last 3 starts he’s allowed 18 runs over 10 2/3 innings.

Game Time 7:05

POSTGAME: This one definitely leaves a bad taste. Todd Jones deserved better with the only hard hit ball being the triple to Chone Figgins. This game should have been over without a 10th inning. This one also doesn’t go on Neifi who did make an error, but again, it shouldn’t have come to that.

This one is on Magglio Ordonez who failed to go all out and make a play in the top of the 9th. He followed it up by weakly striking out and failing to run to first on the ball in the dirt to end the game.

And speaking of guys who deserved better, how about Justin Verlander? I can’t say I agree with him being allowed to throw 122 pitches, but he was very good. As was his counterpart, Joe Saunders.

And finally, I just want to recognize a guy who doesn’t get a lot of recognition, in Ramon Santiago. He made a couple nice plays down at third base and hung in and had a very solid at-bat against K-Rod.