Tigers acquire Neifi Perez

In light of Placido Polanco’s injury, the Tigers have traded for Neifi Perez. The player they sent to the Cubs is Lakeland Tiger Chris Robinson.

Neifi Perez is pretty much awful offensively with a career OPS of 677. Yet he is 33 and still in the big leagues, and teams have given him 5000 at-bats which tells you a little something about his glove. He can play 2nd, short, and 3rd base.

Now if they picked up Neifi to replace Ramon Santiago, not only on the roster but in his role as well, then this is a good move. While Perez isn’t good, he is an upgrade over Santiago. If it is an effort to find a new everyday second basemen, I’d just assume have Infante who has shown offensive glimpses and at 24 could improve.

Chris Robinson was the Tigers 3rd round draft choice last year. This year he’s hitting for a decent average (282) but with no power (357 slugging).

UPDATE: Shame on me. I didn’t even think to look into Neifi’s contract status. Turns out he’s signed for $2.5 million next year making this deal absolutely awful. The fact that the Tigers are taking on that contract should have meant giving up nothing.

Not only is it the money that is being committed to next year, but it’s a roster spot as well. In addition to sucking up a spot on the 25 man roster next year, a spot on the 40 man roster will need to be cleared this year.

Maybe it’s the losing streak making me grumpy, but I can’t see anything I like about this trade.