News, and more news

Some rapid fire linking before I call it a night:

  • Cameron Maybin has been tearing it up on the field, but he ran into a little bit of trouble. Apparently he was in an accident on July 13th in which he blew a .04 which is well below the legal limit. But he’s 19 which is well below the legal age. This doesn’t seem like a big deal. No one was hurt. He called the police himself. And the only other living thing involved was the deer he swerved to avoid.
  • Of course most of you have seen the link to the Bill Simmons article where he breaks down the AL contenders. In case you haven’t, he has Detroit ranked behind the Yankees.
  • The early prognosis for Placido Polanco is a 2nd-3rd degree seperation and he’ll see the team physicians tomorrow. Will Carroll notes the short term objective is to control swelling.

    The key will be controlling the swelling inside the joint and making sure that it has stabilized. Remember, a separation implies that the shoulder is now in its proper placement, in contrast to a dislocation.

  • And a little more Will Carroll from a couple days ago. While others were worried about Verlander tipping his pitches or his veloctiy, Carroll picked up a flaw in his mechanics.

    Justin Verlander might have been tipping his pitches, but he was definitely “pitching uphill.” I mentioned that I watched his start on Friday with Rany Jazayerli. I pointed out how Verlander was dropping his back shoulder and actually raising his front arm, as he is in this picture. Looking through tape and images, it’s clear that Verlander often throws this way. While not ideal, he’s certainly getting good results. Verlander’s mechanics do not hold up well when he’s fatigued; he gets looser with his arms and spins at the end of his release, losing his balance in the midst of his delivery. The Tigers are well aware of these flaws and his fatigue. The question now is whether he can be effective enough while being used the proper amount in the midst of a pennant chase.

    I wonder if it is this same issue that contributed to his inability to throw strikes tonight?

  • Via Aaron Gleeman I found a site with a bunch of useless yet interesting baseball info. For example, did you know that Lou Whitaker is the Tigers all time leader in walk-off hits?
  • Lynn Henning from the News wrote about defensive efficiency ratio today. This is excellent that something else besides fielding percentage is being mentioned in the mainstream media. Even better is that Chris Shelton and Leon Durhan seem to be figuring it out in Toledo.
  • I think we’re all familiar with the Magic Number concept which is the number of wins for the first place team, and losses for the 2nd place team that will guarantee victory. To calculate simply add the first place teams wins and the 2nd place team’s losses and subtract the sum from 163. However, there’s a more accurate way. Because remaining schedules vary, there are certain scenarios that may lead to the 1st place team locking things up earlier than the magic number would indicate – especially in terms of securing a playoff spot. Some smart folks at Berkley actually test every remaining scenario to determine the true magic number. Going into tonight the Tigers clinch number for a playoff spot was 31.
  • Late addition as I forgot one piece I’d been meaning to link to. Stephen Rodrick wrote a nice piece detailing the excruciating period in Tiger fandom since Darrell Evans was picked off third in the 1987 ALCS. Again, this was linked to on several other blogs (Ian and M.A.T. to name a couple) but I’ll include it here as well.