More Vance Wilson

The Tigers inked Vance Wilson to a 2 year contract extension keeping him a Tiger until 2008.

As back-up catchers go, Wilson is pretty much everything you could hope for. He can handle the bat well enough but most importantly he is solid defensively. He also has the benefit of familiarity with the young pitchers who the Tigers will be counting on in the near term.

I don’t know terms, but I don’t see any reason not to be happy about this.l

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  1. How old is he? His offensive production last year was a career low for him right? We’re confident that it was a fluke?

    Other than those concerns, I’m all for it.

  2. I think Vance is being used properly this year. Just like having a good manager at work and everything being better around that person, they can rise because of the natural ability they have. Vance is one of those guys on the bat side. His D has always been pretty good. I like the guy, he always hustles and has a good attitude for the position he’s in. I agree he is good for the young guys. Vance looks like he has a different personality than Pudge so maybe its a different connection with a pitcher who is not as intense.


  3. Honestly, I wouldn’t be all that upset with Vance as a starting catcher if someone like Pudge weren’t already on the team. Thankfully, we have both.

  4. I think Vance is being used properly this year

    Did Tram really use him differently? He still basically gets 15% of the starts, usually the day games. Leyland occasionally gives him a freebie at-bat by pinch hitting him at the end of a blow-out, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same.

  5. He’s drawn 1 walk against 128 at bats. If you mean he can handle the bat well enough in the sense that he can handle it well enough to not be any good, then you’re right.

    But it’s not that important that he hits, you’re right, and he does play good D. Seems like it’s a good idea to keep the same guys around to work with the pitchers, which is reason enough, so let’s not get too excited about his bat. For what it’s worth, last year does scream fluke for him…

  6. I agree, Dan. I don’t think Vance is any more of a starting catcher than Inge is. He might be able to start on some teams, but not any good ones. He is one of the best backups in the league though.

  7. Maybe I am reading something that is in fact not there, but it seems like Leyland is a bit more methodical with Vance this year. Pudge seems to get days off before he needs them or gets hurt. Vance is that Frank Reich kinda guy. Not a good everyday player but a real decent backup. Vance has had a few timely hits this year (stat weenies no need to ask for evidence 😉 ) that, solid D and a good attitude are why he is being asked back.

    Billfer are you working on my spell checker, After 7 Im fried from the day. Nothing slips buy these bloggers here. Im not a fact and numbers guy I was hoping to blend in with english as a first language.

    Well anyway ………..


  8. I don’t get this move.
    Vance is signed thru 08
    Pudge is signed thru 07
    So, this must mean that they will not sign Pudge again for ’08. It would not make sense to have 2 old catchers. Wilson is 33, the magic age when catchers start to go down hill. We will see how Pudge plays next year, but I am not convinced he will be a big contributor to the Tigers in 07, let alone 08, so DD still needs to find/develop someone to play the majority of the games at catcher, no small feat!

  9. Good for Vance. Great behind the plate, and fairly solid bat for a bench player.

    Hopefully the age thing doesn’t get us into trouble in ’08. Do the Tigs have any remotely decent catching prospects in the system at the moment? I know the whole league has been pretty dry in that position the last several years. Maybe it’s time to draft a few random catchers and see if we get lucky.

  10. Guys, we’re in a new era. Illitch runs the Red Wings like the Yankees–always bring in the high priced veterans when there is the slightest need. There’s nothing to suggest he won’t do the same with the Tigers now that they are good. My bold prediction: Mauer in ’09 or ’10.

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