Miller’s Debut

There’s always something exciting about a new highly touted prospect making his debut. Despite some major nerves, Andrew Miller had a fine debut. He induced a lazy flyball, a chopper to third, and a roller to third. He also hit a guy but that just served to show off the break on his slider. He threw his 4 seamer in the mid 90’s, and his slider from the low 80’s to 89 MPH.

You can see the whole thing through the power of You Tube (hat tip):

3 thoughts on “Miller’s Debut”

  1. You could see the relief on his face as he laughed his way back to the dugout. A great debut for Miller, and hopefully we’ll see a lot more of him in years to come.

  2. Billfer, Hey thanks for this little cut is was really nice to see. I had to work and could not see it. Did anyone see the camera swing to Verlander watching. He is basically the same age with almost a whole year under his belt. If Miller comes around like Verlander, we could have the best staff in the majors for a while.

    I am really not a Perez fan. We should all be praying that Polly gets better sooner than later. Maybe the Cubs will just take him back for a bat and a ball.


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