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A long overdue amalgamation of links as I hope that the Tigers can find some magic the 9th…

  • Beyond the Boxscores takes an in depth look at Marcus Thames and finds the Tigers have a reason to believe he’ll keep up his current pace.
  • As has been linked all over the place, Rany Jazayerli of Baseball Prospectus has written a lengthy and detailed 2 piece story on the building of the Tigers. Part 1 is premium content, but part 2 is free for the masses. What’s nice about Rany’s national perspective, is that he has spent some time in Detroit during the lean years. Dr. Jazayerli was a resident of Detroit while doing his residency at Henry Ford Hospital.
  • Author Charles Euchner is going to be live blogging the Little League World Series. Euchner has a book coming out about the pressures of Little League and wrote the very entertaining Last Nine Innings.

5 thoughts on “Get Your Link On”

  1. Poll up on the front page of right now on who the AL MVP should be. Choices are Ortiz, Mauer, Jeter, Thome, and Guillen. Nice to see Guillen get the recognition as a candidate. Can click on a link to see the poll results by state. Guillen is top choice in MI; Mauer is top choice in MN and SD; Ortiz is top choice everywhere else.

  2. I’d have to vote for Mauer, especially after watching him rake this week. Everyone knows Papi can crush the ball, but what Mauer is doing is truly unprecedented. It’s just a shame that he’s hidden in MN.

  3. I’m not even sure Mauer is the MVP on his team. Morneau is putting up some huge numbers this season. Mauer probably is the team MVP when you consider their positions, but Morneau should get some votes lower on the ballots at least.

  4. In support of the notion that Mauer is not even the MVP of his team, Liriano and Santana have been awesome (performances against Detroit notwithstanding).

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