Game 110: Indians at Tigers

PREGAME: Kenny Rogers gets another crack at the Indians after being knocked out in the first inning 2 starts ago. His one start since then wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t good. Rogers allowed 5 runs in 5 innings and walked 4. Of course the start looked worse due in large part to Dmitri Young’s error prone game and the Tigers whiffing against Casey Fossum.

Paul Byrd hasn’t done too well himself. The Tigers got him for 7 runs in 3 innings that same night Rogers got rocked, and he allowed 6 runs in 4 innings agaisnt the Red Sox in his subsequent start.

Game time 7:05pm

POSTGAME“: Another early deficit, another dramatic late inning homer in front of a raucous sell out crowd. But first things first – thank you Kenny Rogers. The first inning looked bad, but he settled down and gave the team 7 innings on a day when the bullpen was short. He also ensured that Wil Ledezma will have some back-up in case he falters in his Sunday start.

As for the late inning dramatics, the Tigers went down to their last out after a lead off bunt by Brandon Inge, a failed sacrifice by Curtis Granderson, and a force out by Placido Polanco. And then Pudge took the first pitch into just about the same spot as Monroe’s homer the night before. What was fun both nights was watching Pudge jumping around like a little leaguer as he circled the bases.

In the end, the Tigers notch another over their AL Central foes.

19 thoughts on “Game 110: Indians at Tigers”

  1. Rogers’ last start–5.0 IP, 5 ER, 4 BB and 3 Ks– wasn’t stellar, but it wasn’t exactly fatal either. You just can’t win games when your team makes 4 errors and strikes out 14 times.

    So let’s hope they score some runs tonight nice and early and take some pressure off Kenny. Not to mention playing some solid defense behind him. It’s a beautiful day, not too hot or muggy, everyone (players and fans) should be feeling good and have a good time.

  2. It’d be nice to see the Gambler give us a quality start tonight. Maybe 7 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 5 Ks.

  3. Ok, another game spotting Cleveland an early handicap…ugh…if this keeps up, Kenny might want to start a singing career~~ But hope he hammers down from here!

  4. If it wasn’t the Tigers, I would feel really bad for Carmona–dramatically blowing saves twice against the Red Sox and now this. This past week has to have been emotionally devastating for him.

  5. Who would have predicted this after that first inning? Quality start for Rogers, walk-off HR for Pudge, who could ask for more? This season just gets better and better and the Tigs just keep on rolling.

  6. man, I’m speechless……..unbelievable!! Just when ya think they’re done….they do this. Just incredible. Who will the hero be tomorrow??……. 🙂


  7. August is our key month: 16 of our next 23 against Twins, White Sox, Yankees and Boston. Seven of those are against the White Sox. If we can make it through that stretch without anyone gaining meaningful ground, we’re golden.

    Oh yeah….Maroth is throwing tomorrow and if all goes well will pitch Wednesday for Toledo.

    Hold on to your hats.

  8. Two nights ago, I said to a friend as we walked out of Comerica after the Tigers’ 7-6 win: “I’ve made my mind up. The 2006 Tigers are not just a good team, but a special team like the ’68 and ’84 Tigers – a team whose feats will be remembered for years to come.”

    Then, last night, Pudge hits the money ball. I was listening to AM 1270, and I distinctly heard the sharp “Thwack!” of bat on ball; then, chaos. WOW.

    Pudge’s home run gives us another won series. Today’s game, with Verlander (wisely) scratched for a turn and Ledezma on the hill, is like playing with house money.

  9. I think game 10 will go down as one of the most excoting moments of the season. It shows that this team fights until the very last out.
    Pudge’s home run trot shows that no matter how long you’ve been in the league the little leager is in all of us.

  10. I was there last night. That place was crazy and it didn’t start with the homerun. We were jumpin in the 8th inning too. I almost didn’t go to the game. Thankfully, I did!

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