Trade Deadline Wrap-Up and More

Some opinion on the Tigers at the deadline and other thoughts…

The deal that was made

After some additional reflection on the Sean Casey trade, my opinion hasn’t changed greatly. I don’t think it is a bad trade by any means, but I agree with Beyond the Boxscores that it probably isn’t much of a difference maker.

Casey does add something that is lacking from the offense and that is a high OPB. And ironically enough the biggest beneficiary may be Chris Shelton who gets to work on things without the spot light. But as Samela points out, once again the Pirates stick it to Shelton.

The other nice aspect is that while Casey is injury prone, so is Dmitri Young. This provides some nice insurance. The Tigers have added organization depth because they didn’t give up Shelton.

And finally it was nice to hear Dave Dombrowski say that Chris Shelton is still the first basemen of the future.

The deals that weren’t made

The Tigers didn’t have to chip in to their major league roster, which I can appreciate as a long term fan. I’ve often thought that Craig Monroe was the most upgradeable amongst the position players. At the same time I really want Monroe to succeed here in Detroit for the simple reason I like the guy. He works hard, seems to be a genuinely nice guy, and is easy to root for. I know those are the worst reasons not to make a move, but I have a soft spot for the guys who were here during the lean times.

Also, the blockbuster for Alfonso Soriano never took place so the top organizational prospects Humberto Sanchez and Cameron Maybin remain intact. While we are still a couple years away from seeing Maybin, Sanchez very well may be on display come September.

And yes, the Tigers probably could have made a move to improve their middle relief. But then again it is middle relief. Think about what is typically asked of those guys and I don’t view it as a pressing need.

The 8.5 game lead

While 8.5 games is certainly more comfortable than 1.5, just ask the White Sox how quickly things can change. On July 12th the White Sox were only 2 game behind the Tigers and ahd a 6 game lead in the Wild Card. They’ve given up 6.5 games in both instances and it only took a couple weeks. There are 2 full months left to play. While I wouldn’t say you should expect the same thing to happen to the Tigers, it would be foolish to not to acknowledge it couldn’t.

Bonderman didn’t have a melt down

I heard too many times today about how Jeremy Bonderman had a melt down in the 8th inning yesterday. The only thing that Bonderman did wrong was commit the balk. The rest was on his infield and general fluky-ness. Bonderman continued to make good pitches and induce weakly hit balls. That game got away from the Tigers, but it didn’t get away from Bonderman.

Dmitri and doubt

The unfortunate thing about Dmitri Young’s personal problems is that nights like tonight will happen and people will start to question things. Four errors, 3 of them simply not catching balls thrown to him, combined with a couple miserable looking strike outs and it is hard not to be suspicious.