Game 94: White Sox at Tigers

PREGAME: That’s it. I’m convinced that the Sox are in the Tigers collective heads. There is no way the Tigers can compete. This whole winning thing was nice while it lasted because even if the Tigers make the playoffs it is impossible for them to get by the Sox.

The preceding paragraph was all sarcasm. I felt the need to clarify because I’ve heard those sentiments all day today and there is a large contingent that is convinced of this. Of course I would feel better if the Tigers reciprocated last night’s pounding, but I’m not concerned – at least not 5:00 today.

Jeremy Bonderman will take the mound tonight. For the last 6 weeks Bonderman has been awesome with out run support – except for last week’s start against the Royals where he wasn’t awesome and got lots of run support. He’ll face a much more formidable task tonight and the key will be Bonderman’s ability to keep the ball in the park. He’s been quite proficient at the task with only 8 long balls allowed – but 2 of those came in his last start.

: Jeremy Bonderman was everything that Tiger fans could have hoped for last night. There were only 2 hard hit balls all night. Unfortunately both found the seats, but because Bondo was so dominant they were both solo shots. Most importantly after the Craig Monroe slam, Bonderman came in and retired the White Sox in order the following inning. Fernando Rodney, Jamie Walker, and Todd Jones kept things from being interesting in the late innings.

As for the offense, in the early going it seemed they were poised to jump all over Vazquez. In the first inning Pudge Rodriguez hit the double which was followed by an Ordonez line drive to right field that again found Jermaine Dye. The Tigers managed to get baserunners in subsequent innings, and unlike the night before against Garland, they worked themselves into hitters counts. Yet they had nothing to show for it until the 6th inning when a couple singles were followed by a seeing eye grounder (redemption for Maggs from the first inning liner) and a bloop shot to no-man’s land. The Tigers were finally on the board and after the force out at home on the Marcus Thames grounder Craig Monroe battled from a 2 strike count to hit the granny.

And a good time was had by all.
Meanwhile Javier Vazquez who was rumored to be dealt to the Tigers for Curtis Granderson and Joel Zumaya this offseason (PHEW) will be starting for the White Sox.