Game 105: Tigers at Devil Rays

PREGAME Kenny Rogers against Casey Fossum. Game Time 7:15

POSTGAME: Well if this is what happens when I skimp on the pregame portion, I’ll write War and Peace each game.

This one was simply ugly. Rogers was hurt by two, two run homers. Ledezma pitched okay in relief, but 2 more runs crossed the plate.

My real issues are with Dmitri Young and the offense.

Young was an embarrassment tonight. He flat out dropped 3 throws and looked horrible at the plate for the bulk of the night.

And the offense with 10 strikeouts against Casey Fossum!

I have nothing nice to say tonight. This game looked way too much like the 8th inning last night. I take it back, Brent Clevlen picked up his 2nd assist on an awesome throw to second. Here’s hoping that Justin Verlander can play the role of stopper and the bats come out angry tomorrow.