Game 101: Tigers at Indians

PREGAME: After much bullpen usage the last 2 days, it would be really helpful if Justin Verlander could pitch deep into this game. Verlander will be opposed by C.C. Sabathia.

This is a pretty big game for the Tigers. I’d feel a lot better if they could take this series before heading into a very difficult match-up with the Twins in the Metrodome.

The good news is that if you can escape some place with a TV for lunch today, you can catch part of the game. It is a 12:05 start and will be aired (are things aired on cable?) on ESPN.

POSTGAME: Justin Verlander provided just what the team needed, a shut down type effort that saved the bullpen. With an off day tomorrow, and the addition of Colby Lewis the pitching staff should be fully rested heading into the Twins series.

Craig Monroe continues to rake with 3 more hits. His batting average is up to .260 (but his OBP remains .290).

The biggest at-bat of the game had to be Marcus Thames 11 pitch walk to lead off the 6th inning. He had fallen behind 0-2 and battled back to set the stage for Magglio Ordonez’s 2 run double.

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  1. Who else thinks that Rogers is getting a wee bit tired?

    Not to tangent from the Tribe series and game news but what have people heard about Harold Reynolds leaving ESPN? There was a small blurb in the Tribune this morning and not much else. He’s one of my favorite baseball analysts.

  2. Interesting thought. Anybody else think Rogers could use a blow, maybe let Lewis (or someone else) get a spot start in his place?

  3. nice job….Verlander pitched exceedingly well; can’t believe Leyland “hooked” him so soon. Sometimes, I think Leyland’s just a little too quick on the trigger. Z is getting to be a concern; can’t walk men like that and expect to survive. A big hit and the game changes. Today, we were lucky. Jones is back in his groove; pitched well in the 9th. He threw strikes and allowed no one on base. An excellent job by him. Now we go to Minnesota to visit the super-hot Twins (33-8 in their last 41). I think it’ll be Liriano, Radke, and Santana…
    Rock on, boys…….. 🙂

  4. Leyland is not too quick on the trigger. We have to keep Verlander’s arm fresh down the stretch.

    Jones deserves credit for bouncing back from his poor stretch in late May/early June. He’s now saved 27/30 (90%), which is a solid rate for a contending team’s closer.

  5. Jones’ ERA drops to under 5 (4.99). Hasn’t given up a run in his last 11 appearances. Time for those of us who were calling for a new closer to eat a bit of crow.

  6. Rogers will be getting “a bit of a blow” by way of the Tigers having tomorrow off. He won’t have to pitch again until the 31st, and that will allow him five days off. If he struggles against the Rays on Monday, I think the Tigers might take steps to give him some extra breaks with the added benefit of Verlander getting some relief.

  7. Time for those of us who were calling for a new closer to eat a bit of crow.

    You’re right on, Kyle. Serve me up some of that, I’ve been pretty rough on Jonesy. Let’s hope this is the real Jones we’re seeing now and those blown saves were the exception. No closer is going to be perfect.

    And let’s hope Rogers will benefit from the extra day off tomorrow, not to mention not facing the Twins. His next start against TB should let us know how much he’s got left in the tank.

  8. I’ve been impressed by Jones as of late, and yes I’m eating crow. For the time being at least.

    What’s most surprising is the extra velocity he manages to summon when he needs it. I didn’t know he had any of that juice left in the tank. It’s encouraging to see.

    As for Rogers, I’m really surprised that he hasn’t gotten it back together yet. Is a rest really going to help this guy? I know he’s old, but he doesn’t exactly come at hitters with heavy stuff and in the last six years he’s really been a workhorse.

    I didn’t watch the game last night. What was happening to him? Missing the plate with junk? Leaving stuff up?

  9. Todd Jones has made a mechanical adjustment since his rough spell. For the season’s first two months, his sinking fastball topped out at 89-90 mph. He now consistently throws it at 92-93.

    I am glad for another won series! Grrrrrrr!

  10. I was at the game today, and I might add a decent number of very vocal Tiger fans there, some bunched up and some here and there. A very LOUD “lets-go-Tigers “was heard a few times.

    My observations were that Verlander was ready to come out, He was done and with a day off that gave Leyland options.

    Second, I really think the the reason Zumaya was off today was because he was totally jacked up coming in from the pen. The inning before he came in he warmed up and was playing catch with Thames in right field, I noticed that because it was apparent to me that Leyland would use him today and I really could not belive he was jerking around throughing hard balls like that with Thames before he came in.

    Omar looked like he got yanked after the mis-played ball in the first inning, a douple play with bases loaded and one out AND did not move the runners the next time up. It looked like three strikes and your out in Big Jims book 😉

    One last thing, DY really seemed to be cheering the guys on today and seemed to be really into the moment of a day game with a large crowd.

    Great time was had by all, got baked in the sun, had fuddruckers for dinner and made it home by 9:30 including a 4 hour drive home.

    Lets see how they do with the twins, this will be an interesting series.


  11. Does anyone have the feeling down the road we may have this wierd wish that the Sox had swept the Twins, even though it technically gave us the biggest lead now of 8 1/2 games.

  12. we may have this wierd wish that the Sox had swept the Twins

    Agreed. It’s far too early to know who might be the biggest threat. Heck, with the Sox swooning, the wildcard may come from the East again.

  13. DY really seemed to be cheering the guys on today

    I’m kinda surprised that he got the day off. I figured he’d play every game this month.

  14. “A very LOUD ‘Lets-go-Tigers’ was heard a few times.”

    Steve, you can hear it on TV! Music to the ears! Remember when we swept the Tribe at Jacobs before the All-Star break? You could hear it then, too. And I heard it on TV against Pitt, too. Good to see the Tiger fans representing.

    When I saw the Tigs in Oakland during the 4th of July series, Tigers fans were also in force. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough to cheer about with a 1-3 series record…

    “DY really seemed to be cheering the guys on today and seemed to be really into the moment of a day game with a large crowd.”

    I’ve never known him to be anything but a passionate player on the field. A team player. Good to see how he’s melding back in with the team. Did any of you see on ESPN today when Leyland talked to Zumaya in the dugout after the eighth, then returned to give him more wisdom? It was great seeing Z, Bondy and Dimitri rolling with laughter afterward…This is a team.

    Hopefully, we can make it work in the Dome. My wish: no injuries and a win.

  15. A lot is made about how the Chicago fans finally took the Tigers seriously. Well, the Twin fan friends of mine in Mpls. are looking at this series as a possible make or break for them. I think all the pressure is on them. Like I said, one win and we’re OK. Radke would be the obvious chance for us in game two, but who knows? I have a feeling Leyland will have us playing loose. Fast and loose, like Fast Eddy Felson.

  16. Though I have yet to acquire a taste for crow, I have found times in my life that I have had to hunker down at the table and eat a nice big helping. Glad to see Jones pitching so well. Glad also that Leyland stuck with him. Can you imagine Rodney (or even the Zumaya of late) as closer? And you thought Jonesy aged you a few years when he pitched an inning ;).

    I am also please with another series win. Believe it or not, but I am more psyched up for the Twins matchup than I was for last week’s White Sox series. Let’s Go Tigers!

  17. Another plate of crow may be in line for those who claimed bringing DY back would ruin the team’s chemistry. (Thankfully, I’ll only be eating the Jones crow, not the DY crow.)

  18. I think we are really seeing what a veteran manager does for a good team. The small petty stuff does not become a problem. Jim seems to handle guys like Zumaya well, as well as Kenny with relative ease. I agree with Nick G, this is a team and I think thats is been a long time since some of these guys have won or even been in a race that they are all enjoying this. With Jim at the wheel taking out the bumps it all seems to be going rather well. I have said in an earlier post that it is also good to have some pressure on these guys to see how they (and us) react.

    Lets get two from the Twinkies


  19. I think we are seeing what winning does for a team. The small petty stuff does not become a problem.

    Getting two from the Twins would be big. It slows down a hot team in the division and makes another statement against a contending team.

    Jones is what he is. His save percentage is nice (if not terribly meaningfull) and he’s an accident waiting to happen, but he’ll have his hot and cold spells just like anyone else.

    I still hate Dmitri Young and can’t wait until he’s wearing another teams uniform. Hopefully he’ll have a shinny new WS ring to go with it though.

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