Dmitri Young Activated

There are reports on the local sports radio that Dmitri Young has been activated and is available for tonight’s game. I haven’t heard who was sent down to make room for Young.

UPDATE: via WXYT Young will be batting the DH and bat 7th tonight.

There will be a press conference at 4:30pm. If you’re not in the Detroit area you should be able to pick it up on the internet stream from 1270 or 1130.

UPDATE 2: As Kyle noted in the comments (thanks Kyle), Ramon Santiago was the odd man out. I’ve had a hard time finding a reason for Santiago to be on the team all along, so I’m on board with this decision. Sure the roster is a little slower and from a defensive perspective the DH situation has improved, but this was the right choice.

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  1. Detroit News confirms it was Santiago:

    Will be very interesting to see how DY performs over the next week. If he looks healthy and ready to go, I can’t see DD trading for a generic left-handed bat (Klesko, Delucci, etc.). Sounds more and more like Abreu probably won’t work due to his no-trade clause. So it would be Soriano or bust.

  2. I may not be a very smart man, but unless we were to win the world series is renting Soriano for a couple of months the best deal for our club? Giving away talent for someone we could sign for more than a couple of months is one thing. Giving away talent for the short term scares me in a Smoltz for Doyle Alexander kind of way.

    I’m just jumpy, I guess.

  3. Whether Soriano is worth it or not should not be judged on the fact that a class A unknown picther in 1987 went on to have a hall of fame career.

    I still say that trade was a Win-Win. What good would Smoltz have been from 1989-1995 (the only years we would have been gauranteed to keep him before free agency)? Maybe he makes the difference in 1993, but then there’s no division title in 1987. Seems like it worked out.

  4. “I may not be a very smart man, but unless we were to win the world series . . .”

    That’s the goal, right? We’re the best team in baseball by 5 1/2 games almost 100 games into the season. If you’re not going to shoot to win the World Series this year, when do you shoot for it? There’s no guarantee it will work, but there never will be. You don’t sell the farm, of course, but if a reasonable deal can be made, you make it.

    Regardless of how the next week plays out, I’m comfortable with Dombrowski’s judgement.

  5. Kyle & Lou,

    You guys are right. I am still working through the recent bad years in Tigers history. I know that the Alexander trade worked out for us as far as getting into the postseason.

    Now, I also totally agree with Dombrowski’s judgement. I am still thinking of the prior GM’s judgement and I should not let that cloud the good that DD is and will continue to do.

    At this point we have to be shooting for the World American Series. Best record in baseball and some of the best if not the best pitching in baseball. We really do still need that power bat night in and night out. The jury is still out (no pun intended) on whether or not Dmitri Young can be that guy for us in the stretch run.

  6. If he returns to the Dmitri of 4-5 years ago, we are the luckiest team in the world. Let’s hope he doesn’t continue to swing out of his shoes/helmet like the past two years.

    Dmitri: contact, contact, contact….

  7. The problem with any Soriano deal is that it will be unreasonable. From the Free Press:

    “The Nationals recently asked for prospects Humberto Sanchez, Jair Jurrjens and Cameron Maybin in exchange for Soriano — an outrageous demand. The Tigers countered with their own three-man offer, of unknown composition. The Nationals were not enthused.”

    We are not talking about a A ball prospect, but two of the Tigers top 5 prospects for a player that will be gone by the winter meetings leaving the team with only two draft choices.

  8. Yeah, I doubt the Soriano deal will make sense. I know you want to strike while the iron is hot, but this team is poised to be very successful for the next 5 years. I’m leaning towards letting this group play it out and then making any necessary adjustments in the offseason (or next year’s deadline). Of course, I wouldn’t mind a minor deal (or two) that add some depth to bench or bullpen.

  9. Agree we can’t give up two top prospects for Soriano. But one top prospect plus one mid-level guy could still work. Keep in mind that the other major suitor (the Yankees) has very little to offer in the way of prospects.

    I’m as hopeful as anyone about the future of the franchise, but I don’t think you can take anything for granted. Look at the Cubs. Everyone thought they were set for many years with Wood/Prior/Zambrano. Now they’re in the basement.

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