All Star Selections

I confess, I’m no where near a computer and won’t be this evening. But here is the place to discuss which of the Motor City Kitties got the nod or the snub.

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  1. Pudge got voted in. Rogers is a manager’s selection.

    Ozzie Guillen also took 6 of his own as reserves, and Mark Redman (he of the 5.50 + ERA) was selected as the royals rep…meh

  2. What stinks to me is that the two players on the Tigers who I think could use the three days off more than anyone are the ones who got picked.

    Also, and I knew this would happen because of Ozzie Guillen being the manager, but Magglio got snubbed…in my opinion.

    Also looking at these rosters…they really, really need to reconsider that one player from every team rule. This may have been great when there were 12 teams in the league, but there are getting to be too many teams and too many players are being left out for the token rep…example Mark Redman over Justin Verlander.

  3. Maggs is #12 in OPS among AL OFs so I can’t complain. Guillen, however, is #1 at SS, yes, ahead of Jeter, Tejada and Young all three.

    Konerko ahead of Morneau and/or Hafner stinks. Hafner has the best OPS in the league. Not like Ozzie doesn’t see him enough to know.

    Verlander should be on but leaving Francisco Liriano off is even worse. Buehrle? Good pitcher, not having a great year.

  4. Actually Justin Verlander, Francisco Liriano, Pronk, AJ Pierzynski, and somebody from Baltimore I am not familiar with are all available for that second chance voting they do now every year now that “this time it counts”. Go here to vote…

    I actually voted Pierzynski, because I figured that with three catchers, they might get Pudge out of the game ASAP, and I would rather see Verlander resting for three days. I know, I am a party pooper, but the Tigers are playing for too much this year for one of the key contributors to get Fosse’d out of the game.

  5. I’m just happy Varitek didn’t make it this time. Pudge and Mauer were definately deserving ones, so the fans done well this time. Johjima of Seattle would’ve been a good pick too.

    Ortiz at first is a joke. He’s a great hitter as we all know, but all of 6 games at a position should not qualify you. Not for a starting position at least. Konerko deserved that one, but I think there’s enough White Sox on the team.

    I would’ve much prefered Brian Roberts at 2b too. Jose Lopez is a welcome supprise alternate. I like Young better than Jeter at SS. Myabe one of these years Inge will be a candidate if he can get his BA up about 50 points. But the Yanksox infield is just no fun.

    Love seeing Ichiro in the lineup. The guy is just amazing.

    Kinda hoping the Tigs would have another pitcher on the roster too. Not actually pitch is probably best, but the honor of being on the roster for sure. Liriano has been amazing as well.

  6. Ramon Hernandez of Baltimore is slightly more deserving than AJ. Hernandez led in average for quite awhile and is still having a pretty nice, All-Star calibre season (.848 OPS) at the plate, though his fielding leaves some to be desired.

    While I disagreed with the AL team (too many white sox, some good guys were totally left out, guys mentioned in this thread. Jason Giambi was my biggest snub, but Pronk was more deserving than Konerko too), I don’t really think the Tigers got snubbed much. I do think Nate has the numbers to be there, or Justin, and would be if not for Redman.

  7. Oh, and Liriano, as clearly good as he is, has to keep those numbers all season. To me, it’s just wrong to make Liriano an All-Star based on starting only since May 19. He’s got a great ERA since taking over as a starter. But if you want to look at the partial season view, Bonderman has outpitched Liriano in June (ERA of 1.77, 44 strikeouts). No one is talking about how great his past few starts have been like they’re tossing around for Liriano. This is why I generally don’t like seeing rookies elected as All-Stars.

  8. Can’t deny that Verlander’s last few starts have been just as electric as Liriano’s, but why not a rookie pitcher as an all-star? Wasn’t Mark Fidrych a rookie when he went?

  9. wow. how the heck can people put pudge as the starter in front of Mauer? that’s pretty ridiculous.

    Brand name recognition. It was pretty much a given that Mauer would be the backup. The only question was whether Pudge could get more votes than Veritek.

  10. Yep, Fidrych was a rookie. It’s not unheard of.

    The fans vote for who they want to see, not necessarily who has the best stats. No denying Mauer is having a heckuva year, but Pudge is a likely hall-of-famer. Like it or not, the All-Star game is for the fans.

  11. I don’t know if any of this all-star stuff matters as far as who was snubbed, etc. With the large gap between the AL and NL in interleague play this year, I would be surprised in the NL won anyway. The Al will get home field advantage. And as a Tiger fan that is a good deal.

  12. Hey, I’d love to see Verlander Make the team his Rookie Year, but I also agree with Kevin (8:36). It would be nice not to have to waste Pudge’s time in the all star game. He needs a break. As with Rogers, i’m not worried about his break. Pitchers ussually only pitch one, maybe two innings at the all star game, And 2 innings won’t hurt him. He deserves it to. He and Leyland came in and really boosted the moral of the whole team. Shoot, I’d say he’s responsible for 15 wins that he never played in.

  13. I remember Davey Johnson saying (about him not wanting Doc Gooden to pitch in the ’85 All-Star Game) that 1 or 2 innings of the All-Star game takes as much out of a pitcher as a regular 9-Inning game, because of the adrenaline and the strength of the opposing line-up.

  14. Yeah, I could care less about the all-stars. Give the players a 3 or 4 day rest, who cares about All-Star games. Give the Sox a lot, tire them out Ozzie, yeah, thanks!

  15. I think it is a pretty fair selection for Detroit players. I also think that there should always be one representative from each team at the All-Star Game. I mean, how many years (has everyone forgotten the last dozen years or so?) did the Tigers get to have someone go when there were other players with much better numbers?

    Even though they were token All-Stars it was still nice to see someone from D-town in the All-Star game.

    Now, as far as the whole MLB “this time it counts” ridiculousness of the winner of the All-Star game determining home-field advantage in the World (btw shouldn’t we change that to America Series, especially the way America played in the World Baseball Classic?) Series – shouldn’t you just have whichever team with the better regular season record get the home-field advantage? That seems more fair to me.

    If (and wouldn’t this be great) the Tigers were to be in the World America Series this October do you really want to place the fate or having home-field advantage in a team mostly made up of Red Sox, White Sox, and Yankees players?

    Not me. This is a stupid ratings ploy by MLB. Why not make the regular season what counts? Not some “exhibition” game. Bleh!

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