Alexis Gomez out, Colby Lewis in

Alexis Gomez was designated for assignment and pitcher Colby Lewis had his contract purchased.

There weren’t many at-bats available for Gomez. He was primariliy a defensive replacement/pinch runner and made the rare start. Those starts will be even rarer with the return of Dmitri Young.

Colby Lewis has been effective for Toledo. He has a 3.86 ERA and has fanned 90 in 121 innings against 30 walks. He last pitched on Friday, so he’ll be able to step in today if needed and help out a bullpen that has been heavily utilized lately.

5 thoughts on “Alexis Gomez out, Colby Lewis in”

  1. Sending Gomez down is not a surprise. With D.Y. back he’ll get none of those LH at-bats anymore. If they want to carry a defensive replacement/pinch runner, it seems Nook Logan would excel at both of those. But alas, with the bullpen overworked recently another pitcher is the team’s current need.

    Colby Lewis, eh…interesting choice. I admit that I haven’t SEEN any Toledo Mud Hens games this year, but looking at the stats he isn’t the pitcher I would choose. I wonder why promote a STARTER into a relief position. Especially one that rates in the middle of the pack of the minor leagues. Chris Spurling is having good numbers at Toledo, and has a history of big-league success. Bobby Seay is doing pretty good too.

    Here’s an idea. Maybe Colby will get a shot at the starting rotation if Zack Miner has another dissappointing start. This WOULD be a way to get a look at how he pitches to big-leaguers before handing him a start. But even with that idea, why not bring up Chad Durbin or Humberto Sanchez instead?

    Maybe Lewis is the only pitcher available to pitch TODAY.

  2. Wow,

    13 pitchers!!!! (Meaning only 12 hitters)

    What is Earl Weaver thinking in Florida right now? The Birds used to carry 8 or 9 in the 70s. I really think MLB should expand the rosters to 27 players because teams are carrying a stupid amount of pitchers. Maybe a chip in the Roid negotiations with MLBPA.

    Gomez is a nice player, I hope no one claims him on waivers. He could be another Marcus Thames in waiting. He has proven everything he can in AAA, is only 25, plays solid D, and has never had enough MLB at bats to see what he can do.


  3. According to thebaseballcube Gomez is turning 26 in August. That’s a pretty big mistake. Kyle is correct on his age.

    Gomez has career minor league rate stats of .283/.349/.405. His only .800+ OPS season came in AA (he was 24 at the time), and last year in AAA, at 26 he posted his second best season, a .798 OPS.

    Thames’ career minor league stats were .279/.355/.490. That includes a 1000+ OPS in AA followed by two 1000+ OPS’ in AAA at 27 and 28. I don’t think they are very comparable really.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Yankees claim Gomez. Wouldn’t he be an improvement on Aaron Guiel?

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