Game 74: Cardinals at Tigers

PREGAME: Okay, so this is another one of those pretty cool interleague matchups. This one of course evokes memories of 1968 and the two teams’ epic World Series battle.

Today’s game features a tremendous pitching match-up with ROY candidate Justin Verlander and last year’s Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter.

Game time 7:05 (that’s for you Jeff)

11 thoughts on “Game 74: Cardinals at Tigers”

  1. I wonder how many bet the under with these two gunslingers going! Put up a 4-spot for JV after they tied it up, VERY nice.

  2. Ya just knew Pujols was gonna get one eventually. Why not a solo shot against Jones with a 5 run lead and 2 out? Couldn’t have come at a better time.

    The next 2 games apparently will have some questionable pitching from St. Louis, so I’m ready to look for the sweep! Take that Chicago! Heh

  3. Just got back from the game, finally they won one I attended! Man, this was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. The place was packed and the fans were really into it. I saw something tonight I haven’t seen since 1984–the wave circling the stadium on both decks in opposite directions. The wave itself isn’t that important, just that the team is good enough and exciting enough to inspire it!

  4. well, Verlander wasn’t sharp; Pujols gets 4 hits (even though 1 was clearly an error in my book). Sounds like a loss, right? Wrong! Tiges come thru again. Carpenter was even less sharp, and we out-homered the Cards. If someone can shoot Molina, we can sweep these boys. ‘Sox won again, so no gain….looks like Rogers for us tonight…keep it up, boys!!

  5. Fortunately I think Carpenter is the best pitcher we’ll see in this series. The next two guys, Suppan and Ponson, both have ERAs over 5. And geez, the Sox can’t win AGAIN, can they? Isn’t 8 in a row some kind of limit?

  6. I’m starting to think maybe they should shut Verlander down for a turn in the rotation. Give Ledezma his start for one go around, then bring him back. With the all-star break coming up it would be a good time to re-energize him for the stretch run.

  7. I hope Verlander can avoid a fade out in the second half of the season. More importantly, I hope he doesn’t work his arm too hard this season and have the problems that Kerry Wood has had with his career.

    It looks like Leyland does a good job keeping an eye on his pitches. I just hope that if it looks like Verlander could use a break that Leyland throws another one of our young pitching phenoms out there in his place and we don’t miss a beat ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Verlander isnโ€™t really a solid ROY candidate. Sadly, heโ€™s had nothing on Liriano this year.

    Don’t count him out yet. Liriano has 1/2 of the starts and 2/3 of the inning pitched that Verlander has. Liriano will regress too.

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