Game 63: Tigers at Blue Jays

PREGAME: Nate Robertson will take the mound for the Tigers as they try to win their first series since Cleveland – or since the beginning of this tough stretch. Robertson has pitched well during this string, with nothing to show for it. He’s been a victim of bad bullpen support and a lack of run support. It won’t be easy for Robertson as Toronto has posted a 345/398/517 line against left handed pitching this year.

The Tigers will take on Ty Taubenheim who is making his 4th start, and hasn’t been particularly effective. As a starter opponents are hitting .314 against him. The Tigers will be without Magglio Ordonez and Placido Polanco who are getting days off.

8 thoughts on “Game 63: Tigers at Blue Jays”

  1. What’s going to be greater, runs the Tigers give Robertson, or goals Iran scores against Mexico?

  2. Hello, Tigers looked good that last couple games, they lost one they should have won and won one Saturday with just a few hits. Those are the ones we need as well.

    I was just at the two games in Toronto, great city and great downtown stadium. You can walk everywhere you need. I would highly recomend a trip to the Rogers Centre.

    I got to meet Rod Allen at the Hotel pool on Saturday morning before the game. It was excellent talking Tigers baseball with him. In person he is much more layed back than what we normally hear on the TV. I forgot to asked him how excited he was last year durning the scrum when Farsworth dumped that pticher from K/C. Does anyone remeber that when Rod was so fired up.

    I had dinner at the HardRock (highly recomended) and got to watch batting practice and warm ups through the right field glass, Zumaya can really throw during long toss, never seen a guy throw that far. He must have had some buddies there as he spent a decent amount of time chucking balls through the open windows of the hotel that overlooks the outfield. Again great city to experiance a few road games. Great time with the Mrs and jr.
    Anyway I missed the blog when I was gone (because I was an idiot and forgot my laptop) so it looks like there is a loy more traffic lately. Especially when the guys bone one up.

    Did I mention the Rogers centre was fun?


  3. Woo hoo, go Tigs! It’s about time we beat up on someone else’s pitching for a while. Guillen is da MAN!

  4. And just like that it’s 3 out of 4. And the fourth one got away. I liked that Leyland let Z finish and get the save. I had the Toronto radio feed from XM. Those guys were very impressed.

    And they got the first eight runs w/out a homer.

    Tampa Bay has been doing ok. They hit like crazy but have very little pitching. Let’s beat ’em up.

  5. So the Tigers finish 5-8 for the four series against top AL competition. Could have been better if the bullpen had held a few leads, but luckily none of those four teams have played really well over the last two weeks either. Here are their records over the same time period:

    Yankees: 7-6
    Red Sox: 6-6
    White Sox: 6-6
    Blue Jays: 7-6

    The Tigers have now played every AL team except the Devil Rays (up next) and we’re still on top of the league!

  6. ……Let’s beat’em up……

    I’m with you Tim!
    The only bright spot about the Tigs’ recent cool-down is that no one else has gotten really hot during that time, especially Chicago.

  7. Way to go Indians. They are beating up on the White Sox bad tonight, so it looks like we go home with a 1 1/2 game lead.

  8. That’s the way to finish strong. I was hoping for 7 wins through the guantlet, but I’ll take 5. Now it’s time to go back to pummeling the weaklings.

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