Game 57: Red Sox at Tigers

PREGAME: The Tigers are looking for a series win, and a 5-5 record on the homestand. Going in I was hoping for .500 and anything else would be a bonus. So if they win I’m satisfied.

Today will feature the Major League debut of Zach Miner, who is filling in for the injured Mike Maroth. Surprisingly, I have a Zach Miner story. Well, its not much of a story, but a brief encounter. When I was at the game on Wednesday, I went down to the 3rd base line with the boy. Joel Zumaya and Miner were walking together out to the bullpen. Of course people called for Zumaya to come over. Joel broke off and started signing, leaving Miner standing there.

Now keep in mind that Miner had been with the club for all of 3 hours so he was a little unfamiliar to fans. I called “Zach” and he got a big smile and came walking over. I told him congratulations and while he was signing the boy’s ball I told the boy that this was Zach’s first day in the majors. He smiled and said, “it’s a good day.”

IN GAME: Memo to Jason Grilli: When your manager argues balls and strikes on your behalf and gets himself ejected, it’s not advisable to walk the next two batters.

POSTGAME: Well Miner can breathe now. His first start is complete. And while he wasn’t great, or even that good, he kept the Tigers in the game for 4 innings. Minimally he showed enough to warrant a 2nd start, which should come with not quite as many nerves.

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  1. I actually think The Tigers held their own against the Red Sox. Even though they lost two out of three, I’m not really bummed out. The Tigers were one out away from taking two out of three in this series. Besides they were playing at an unbelievable pace and it should be expected that they’ll come back down to earth. I’m still on the bandwagon.

  2. So we went 4-6 on the homestand, but actually picked up a game vs. the White Sox, who went 3-7 on their road trip. Would have been nice to pick up a couple more games on them, but I’m with Kevin–firmly entrenched on the bandwagon.

  3. I was firmly entrenched on the bandwagon during the nearly record breaking season of futility so I’m certainly not going anywhere now, but I’m a tad bummed at 4-6, if only because it could’ve easily been 6-4 or at least 5-5. As mentioned, as least we actually gained ground on the White Sox. If we don’t take the series from the White Sox, I’ll move from miffed to mad. I know slumps happen, but that’d be three straight losing series’ to the best set of opponents faced all year.

  4. I know slumps happen, but that’d be three straight losing series’ to the best set of opponents faced all year.

    Would you rather lose three straight to the worst set of opponents? 🙂 I’ll be disappointed, but not mad. I reserve “mad” for KC and TB.

  5. Agreed. Its too bad about Friday’s game against the Red Sox, but we’ve pretty much agreed that Todd Jones is not the best choice for a closer on a contending team. Other than that, these are the best 3 opponents in the AL, and nothing to be ashamed of.

    As a transplant to Chicago, I’ll be there on Wednesday cheering the Tigers on. If you see the White Sox faithful throwing someone from the upper deck, its just me.

  6. Dave, if the Tigers drop the series to the White Sox too, then there is plenty to be ashamed of. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. Dropping three straight sets to the best would be horrendous.

  7. If you see the White Sox faithful throwing someone from the upper deck, its just me.

    Ya shoulda said something sooner. We coulda chipped in to buy you a parachute.

  8. If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. Dropping three straight sets to the best would be horrendous.

    Let’s try to keep this in perspective. 80 days ago, every one of us would have been thrilled with 83-87 wins. Barring injuries, this team appears to be a lock for that. Everything else is gravy.

    The first step in ascending to greatness is pounding on the mediocre teams. We’ve done that so far this year and need to keep it up. For sure, we need to get to a point where we can beat the cream of the crop, but if that’s not in the cards this year, so be it.

  9. well, it shoulda been 6-4 on this homestand, not 4-6. Will these 2 games matter? Probably and for sure. If we’re fighting for the wild card, you can count on it. And I have no patience for a major league pitcher who can’t throw strikes. How much do we pay him? About 3 zeros too much. You can defend about anything in baseball except a walk and a hit batter. And, they left him in way too long, after he walked the first guy…zip!, he’s outta there. This series with the Chisox is critical in my mind. This team’s got something to prove to themselves – can they hang with the Sox? They were swept in April, and didn’t look good in doing so. Our first visit to the South Side…we’d better win at least 1 game, or the “heady” days may be over.

  10. and, by the way, I’m old enough to remember ’68 – the GREATEST summer of my life!! There was nothing like it, not even ’84. I’ll always be a Tigers, Lions, and Wings fan no matter what (I moved to Florida in ’82). I suffered thru the Randy Smith era when they were total laughingstocks. I’m suffering now with idiot Matt Millen (let’s draft another WR; hell, we don’t have enough)….:-(
    So now I bought into, I can watch my boys every game. C’mon, Tiges…we need 1 out of 3, and 2 of 3 would be better!!… 🙂

  11. This isn’t college football. You don’t need big wins to get more votes in a poll. You just need enough total wins at the end of the season to make the playoffs. And then anything can happen.

    I would have loved to pick up another game or two vs. the Yankees and Red Sox–and I’ll be thrilled if they win 2 or 3 vs. the White Sox–but there’s no reason to get worked up about not “beating the best” this last week. Getting too up and down about a particular game or series is why Schembechler couldn’t cut it in the world of baseball.

  12. Let’s say we do the unthinkable and get in the playoffs this year (about a year ahead of schedule). I still like our chances (even if Maroth doesn’t make it back this year) in a Best-Of-Five series against anyone out there.

    Heck, I would be lying if I told you that I wouldn’t be happy just seeing the Tigers make the playoffs. I wasn’t around in ’68 and 1984 has grown dusty with the 2-plus decades that have since passed.

    To me, after enduring all of this losing, this is mighty fine. It is a lot like getting gas for $2.50. After paying around $3 for so long $2.50 looks pretty dang good. 🙂 Even though gas for $1.50 would be pretty sweet, too. 😉

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