The Comerica Park Experience

After spending a couple days at Tiger games this weekend, and 5 for the season, I’ve noticed some changes around the ballpark.

The Smiles

People are happy. I’m not just talking about the fans. We were warmly greeted 3 times by various Comerica Park staff before we were even 30 feet inside the stadium. These were warm, genuine greetings and not some scripted dribble. I don’t know if the staff are effected by the winning, or if it is a service excellence iniative, but it was very noticeable.

Visiting gear

I’ve written here in the past about my frustration that there is no merchandise from the visiting team available. When I was a kid at Tiger Stadium, my dad would always get me a pennant from whichever team the Tigers were playing. It was another way to commemorate the day, and add to my bedroom decor. I’ve wanted to do the same for my son, but visiting stuff was never available. And then today, while on the way to a family restroom (another wonderful Comerica Park amenity), I noticed a stand with Reds pennants. I’m thrilled, and hope it is something that is continued.

The price of beer

Let me start off by saying that I know beer at sporting events is expensive. I get it. But I was actually not too perturbed the last two years paying $8.75 for a 32oz Blue Light draft. At that point, it’s almost 3 beers, and that isn’t too bad of a deal. This year the 32oz is gone. It has been replaced by a 24oz $8 beer. I’m not so much disappointed about the significant rise in price, it is more than significant decrease in quantity. It’s not that I’m a drunk. I just liked getting my very big beer before the game, and then being set. I like the big cup. I like the message of “Drink Responsibly” being printed on something that barely fits in the cup holder. I liked the big beer. Please bring it back.

The scoreboard

This is something that began last year, but I love the expanded stats on the scoreboard. With the inclusion of all the extra base hits, as well as OBP, it helps to get a better feel for the opposing players.

5 thoughts on “The Comerica Park Experience”

  1. Yeah, I wasn’t very happy with the changing of the beer. Sure, $8.75 was a lot of money, but you got a lot of beer. Compared to other stadiums I’ve been to, it was actually a pretty good deal.

  2. All great points!

    My favorite part of the park (besides the 1st place baseball inside) is just the feel of the city. The skyline in the outfield, and the guy that plays jazz outside the park. Just thinking about that extra innings game against the ChiSox last season. Mmm!

  3. On a Rustbelt ballpark tour (including Toronto, Pitt and Cleveland) two summers ago, Comerica was the centerpiece. From my memories, a major plus was the ability to walk the circumference of the park, without anybody checking your ticket. Want to watch an inning by the Willie Horton statue? No problem. An inning in right field? Same deal. Just be sure the GM fountains don’t start while you make your way under them (except on a hot day). We had good seats by the Tigs dugout and still kept moving around over the weekend.

    On the negative side, that Wyland mural on the right field building has to go. Or, are they paying homage to all the dolphins swimming in the Detroit River? Still makes me cringe when I see it on TV. A mural dediicated to working people like the one by Diego Rivera at the DIA would be more appropriate. Or, maybe a car, perhaps?

    In all, very good park! Perhaps I’m biased, but it was better than the others on the tour. Even my 60-plus-year-old “Save Tiger Stadium” dad sees the advantages over the old one.

  4. I agree. I had the unfortunate experience of seeing the Tigers get blasted by Vlad but the atmosphere was gerat. The beer was a big-time bummer. Bring back the 32 oz!!!

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