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I apologize for the protracted time this site was down last night and this morning. I think the total outage was about 14 hours. It was a problem with one of the servers at my webhosting company.

I am currently in the market for a new webhost, and will be transitioning the site sometime this week. I don’t anticipate any downtime during this move. The worst that would probably happen is that you might miss out on a new post for a day or so while the nameserver change propagates.

Again, I’m sorry.

4 thoughts on “Site Downtime”

  1. Don’t worry about it, Billfer. I think most of us are just fine with 99% uptime. The extra 9s can get expensive.

  2. I agree, dont worry about it. its your time, your dime and our fun…………..How can we complain AND the Tigers are winning.

    One thing to think about and I realize its early, who would be a good player to grab for the strech?. I think everyone would have an opinion on that.

    Thanks doing this Blog, I personally love it.


  3. At this point, it’s hard to see where Dombrowski could make a big upgrade (barring a major injury–knock on wood). All five starters have been great, the bullpen has been solid/deep, and there’ve been offensive contributions all the way down the lineup.

    Maybe a power-hitting third baseman, with Inge moved to utility man? And if Dmitri can’t get healthy and productive, there’d be room for another bat. I don’t follow the rest of the league closely enough to know who might become available.

  4. I’m thinking Alfonso Soriano might be a target. 2B, LF, and DH have been the 3 weakest spots on the team so far this year and he could help in any of them. That said…

    LF…do we really want to trade for a guy that doesn’t want to play the position?
    2B…Polanco is bound to get on track soon and just got inked to an extenstion
    DH…DY has nagging injuries

    The only scenario I could really see working would be to trade Monroe + a prospect to Washington. Stick Soriano at 2B. Slide Polanco over to 3B (he’s played there before). Put Inge in LF.

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