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Alex Belth and Cliff Corcoran, the fine proprietors of Bronx Banter give some love to the classic style of the Olde English D. Make sure to check out the comments.

Paul disagreed
with my assertion in the Indians series wrap that the Tigers were fortunate to have played teams when they were struggling. He makes several good points, supported with data and stuff. But I don’t think we are really that far apart. Most of the examples show that it wasn’t the Tigers catching the team at the right time, it was that the teams just haven’t been good. I’d still assert that offenses like the A’s will be better this year, like the Twins pitchers will also be better than what we’ve seen. If that is the case, it is better to face them now then when they get clicking. And even if they don’t get better, it just plays into the belief that the Tigers have benefitted from a weak schedule. In any case, discussion is good, especially when it is well supported.

Danny Knobler floated the idea that a big trade could be coming the Tigers way by the end of July. I’m not going to delve into the possibilities here yet. I just think it is too soon to know what the holes on the team are. But it is definitely a different perspective for Tiger fans.

This is a couple days old, but I’m really enjoying the Freep’s expanded Tiger coverage on Sundays. This past weekend alone saw interesting articles on Cameron Maybin, bat preferences, and Greg Smith’s draft history.

And this was brought up in the comments, but Baseball Prospectus has some Tiger content in their free section. The article gives the Tigers props, but also highlights how difficult it will be for the pitching staff to continue at their current pace, mostly because the defense can’t continue at its current pace. I think to a certain extent they are correct, but I’ll tackle that more tomorrow night.

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  1. It looks like I riled up the A’s. 🙂 Only Crosby without a hit as they bat in the fifth inning. They rocked Felix Hernandez and lead 10-1.

  2. the Tigers have benefitted from a weak schedule

    Probably so, but who cares? Wins is are wins.

    AL East gets to beat up on the Orioles and Devil Rays every year and the Central gets to beat up on the Royals and Tigers Twins.

  3. This was posted below but is worth repeating. The word “surgery” is mentioned. It would be a real drag if Maybin was to lose a year.

    Season uncertain for Caps slugger
    Tuesday, May 16, 2006
    By Brian Vanochten
    The Grand Rapids Press
    LANSING — A downpour ruined the West Michigan Whitecaps’ chances of reclaiming first place in the Eastern Division at the end of a rain-plagued four-game series against the Lansing Lugnuts.

    The Whitecaps, however, had a bigger concern — the health of Detroit Tigers first-round draft pick Cameron Maybin, sidelined with a puzzling injury to his right index finger.

    Maybin left for Detroit before Monday’s game at Oldsmobile Park to be examined by a team doctor. He was expected to undergo an MRI of his right hand this morning in Grand Rapids.

    “I want him to get back in the lineup,” Whitecaps manager Matt Walbeck said Monday. “He needs to play, but we’re going to be very careful with him.”

    Maybin, 19, leads the team with a .330 batting average.

    Maybin has been out of the lineup since May 7 because of a recurring problem with the “trigger finger” on his right hand. His index finger locks up on him — at least twice in the past week — making it impossible to flex it, grip a bat or throw a ball.

    A Tigers official at the weekend series in Lansing expressed concern the center fielder might be sidelined for an indefinite period.

    If surgery is necessary, it could cost Maybin the season.

    “It has presented some challenges for me,” said Walbeck. “He sure is nice in that cleanup spot. He’s missed, for sure, but we’re going to make do.”

  4. Do you think that Barry Bonds may be coming to Detroit?

    I would be surprised and disappointed. There is no way he could be a benefit to the clubhouse and with his body breaking down, I doubt he would be much benefit on the field either.

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