Game 47: Royals at Tigers

PREGAME Mike Maroth takes the mound for Detroit as the Tigers try and complete their 7th sweep of the season. The Royals send out Denny Bautista, who has been decent since returning from the disabled list. In his last outing agains the Cardinals he allowed one run on 5 hits as St. Louis pounded the ball into the ground (GB/FB – 16/2).

POSTGAME: You guys have already hit on many of the salient points of the game, so I’ll keep my comments along the lines of HOLY FREAKIN’ CRAP. HFC that Mike Maroth allowed 6 runs and never got a second out. HFC that the Tigers score 13 runs without Magglio Ordonez and Chris Shelton in the lineup. HFC that the Tigers scored 3 runs on one hit in the 2nd inning. HFC that the best pitching performance the Tigers faced in the series came from Bobby Keppel who completely shut the Tigers down for 3 1/3 innings. HFC that Pudge Rodriguez, who was supposed to get the day off until Vance Wilson rolled his ankle stepping on a ball, hit both a triple and a homer after the 7th inning.

I thought it was interesting that Jim Leyland let Jack Hannahan hit with the go ahead run on 3rd base in the 8th inning. I wonder if it was because the game was already tied, and he figured at that point the Tigers bullpen should outlast the Royals. In other words, if that was the tying run at 3rd, would we have seen Chris Shelton? I’d hope so. In this case, it was nice to give the kid a shot at a huge confidence boost.

I agree with Tim that Marcus needs more at-bats. The tough thing is where do you take them from? Before Dmitri Young went on the DL the answer was obvious. But now Omar Infante is doing everything he can to stay in the lineup. These are nice problems to have, and problems I didn’t anticipate the Tigers encountering this season.

Finally, it was an outstanding effort by Roman Colon today. The Tigers will need their bullpen over the next couple weeks as they take on many high powered offenses. Colon picked up all of Maroth’s slack and got the game deep enough to turn it over to the late inning guys. Now Jason Grilli, Jamie Walker, Fernando Rodney, Todd Jones, and even Bobby Seay will all still be available tomorrow.

So the Tigers completed the sweep and picked up their 8th win of the year against the Royals. Here’s hoping the momentum continues on the homestand.