Game 43: Reds at Tigers

PREGAME The Tigers look to repeat last night’s drama, and hopefully there will be a repeat of a full house as well. I’m off to the game…

: I typically appreciate a fast moving pitchers duel. That goes double when I take a 3 year old and a 5 year old. I love spending an afternoon or evening as much as anyone, and I usually don’t care to rush the event. However, a fast moving game with the little ones (especially the littler one) is a beautiful thing.

Nate Robertson continues to walk people, but he did everything else right today. Amazingly, despite the 5 walks he protected the shut out without the benefit of the double play.

Once again the Tigers put on a good show for a pretty full house. The crowd of 31,000+ was very engaged and enthusiastic. It’s fun being a Tiger fan again.

8 thoughts on “Game 43: Reds at Tigers”

  1. W. Sox lost and I dont want to say the “F” word, but we are. Who in their right mind would have thought this. I was hoping for 10-15 games over .500 for a good year. Well boys sleep well tonight.

    Billfer we are ALL coming to your house if they make it too the series ;). Hope you have a big grill

  2. Oops… hit send before I intended to. The WGN broadcasters are even commenting on the Tigers score as the first score in the AL after the White Sox. They were commenting on Friday about how the Reds were finally taking the Tigers down; and the White Sox would get a chance to regain the lead. Now, with 2 out of 3, people around here are starting to notice, and ask who are these guys?

  3. Uh guys – I like you and all, but I’m not sure how enthusiastic Mrs Billfer will be.

    If they make the Series, we’ll all be doing something though. It might just not be at my house 🙂

  4. Todd Jones saved his 155th game as a Tiger, making him the all time Tigers leader; if my records are correct.

  5. If they make the Series, we’ll all be doing something though.

    You mean like being first in line for tickets? 🙂

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