Game 42: Reds at Tigers

PREGAME: Milton versus Maroth. That’s all I have time for tonight.

POSTGAME: Well that was a pretty good show in front of the 4th largest crowd in Comerica history. I’m having a hard time organizing my thoughts on this game so I’m going bullet form:

  • As important as anything is Mike Maroth continues to impress without overwhelming. I’ve always pulled for Maroth, but part of me is still expecting a collapse, or at least a derailment. This time he did it against a pretty good offense. Maybe Dave Dombrowski knew what he was doing when he inked Maroth for a second year.
  • To Joel Zumaya – stuff happens. You got beat by a Hall of Famer. Your team still won. Shake it off. And did anybody else see the radar gun show 104 on the first pitch to Griffey?
  • As far as extra-inning rallies go, I really think the Reds deserve pretty much all the credit. Carlos Guillen gets hit by a pitch. He should have been out stealing second if Brandon Phillips catches the ball. A walk to Shelton (Big Red gets credit for this part). The Reds fail to double up Dmitri Young of all people when Phillips doesn’t field the ball clean. And then Felipe Lopez chokes on Monroe’s inning ending ground ball. Not that I’m complaining.
  • I’ve really wanted Dmitri Young to succeed. But he’s lost at the plate. He’s being arraigned on Monday. He probably won’t stay healthy this year. I’d just assume Thames get the majority of his at-bats. He’s become Bobby Higginson. Without some serious production pretty soon, his career will end ugly.
  • I’d be remiss without mentioning Curtis. But I’d also be remiss throwing it into a game thread. So I gave it its own post.


  1. Walt

    May 20, 2006 at 9:57 pm

    The gun showed 104 on the one he hit too. I have sneakin’ suspicion that the one on screen was not accurate as a couple of times the TV showed 98 and the announcers were commenting that Zumaya just hit 97.


  2. Kyle J

    May 20, 2006 at 11:28 pm

    We may look back at this game as the point at which a magical season really started to feel real–sellout crowd, dramatic come-from-behind win to overcome a tremendous home run by a hall of famer. Wish I could have been at the stadium.

    Dombrowski is starting to look like a real genius in the pitching department. Jason Johson fell to 2-4 tonight for the Indians. And I think we all know how his replacement in the rotation is doing.

    Agree re: Dmitri. At this point, it seems like a return trip to the DL and a longer minor league rehab assignment would have been for the best.

    Go Tigers!