Game 34: Tigers at Orioles

PREGAME: When things were going good, the Tigers were winning losable games. Now they’re losing winnable games. The former is more fun for everyone. Justin Verlander gets the ball for Detroit, and he was the last pitcher to throw quality start. And even that start was stretching the limits of quality with 4 runs (but only 3 earned) in 6 innings.

Rodrigo Lopez will be starting for the O’s, and probably the nicest thing to say is that he’s been consistent. He’s allowed at least 4 runs in each of his starts. He’s also shown an ability to give up a homer with 1.95/9 innings this year. This could be advantageous to the Tigers, and particularly Magglio Ordonez who is looking to homer in his 5th consecutive game.

Placido Polanco returns to the lineup tonight, as does Shelton. Polanco resumes his spot inthe 2-hole while Shelton drops to #7.

POSTGAME: I guess it’s a nice change of pace win the Tigers cap off a 3 game losing streak, and I think to myself FINALLY! It was a very solid win tonight, and I liked seeing the rookie come out and be the stopper. Verlander was very effective, save for a couple instances where he started overthrowing with men on base. And keep in mind, he did that without his normal curve last night.

The offense once again put up a six-spot, but actually had this one hold up. Craig Monroe broke and 0 for 17 streak, which was well deserved. He’s hit a number of rockets, with nothing to show for it. Also nice to see was Polanco hitting a little more like he did last year. That first inning double was only his second extra base hit this year.

As for myself, I’m once again 100% and will be back to my normal posting routine tonight. Thanks for being patient while I slept.

Also, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the Indians were just swept by the Royals. You think they might be a little upset for this weekend?

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  1. You think they might be a little upset for this weekend?

    If you think they’re upset now, just wait until their losing streak reaches 6 games 🙂

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