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It’s been awhile since I shared some link love…

  • Darren McCarty is still pulling for the Tigers. This is only newsworthy because McCarty has been in Anaheim as well.
  • In Rob Neyer’s most recent chat featured several Tiger questions. He was asked about Chris Shelton and had this to say
    I still think he’s going to finish with 35-40 homers, because he really is a guy with fantastic hitting ability. And he’s strong, so some significant number of those balls he hits will carry the fence.

    But there was also this snippet:

    Matt, Boston: What pitcher do you think has the best pure stuff in the game right now?

    SportsNation Rob Neyer: Hard to say. But Verlander was regularly hitting 97-98 on the gun in Seattle the other day. He’s gotta be on the short list.

  • The new documentary “Stranded at the Corner” about Tiger Stadium’s plight is gaining some momentum in the blogosphere. Greg Eno says it is a must see. On a related note, Ian is wondering why other cities are embracing Tiger Stadium’s special characterisitics (ie the overhang), and yet Detroit didn’t.
  • And Kevin Goldstein chatted with scouts about Lakeland Tiger closer Kevin Whelan who has been tearing up the 9th inning since he was drafted last year.
    One scout was surprised at Whelan’s arsenal when he recently saw him pitch for High-A Lakeland. “I thought he’d throw harder; he’s low 90s, but he’s interesting because he basically does it with three fastballs,” said the scout. “He throws the straight fastball, a splitter with good fade, and a big forkball that just goes straight down and can be unhittable.” However, the scout was concerned with Whelan’s mechanics. “He short-arms everything. He was a catcher, and it looks like it when he pitches. I put him down as a potential closer, but it could depends on if his arm holds up.”

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  1. Jeff M

    April 26, 2006 at 10:05 pm

    We didn’t mention it earlier, but this type of filtering is also valuable.