Tigers and Fox Sports announce broadcast schedule

The Tigers and Fox Sports Net finally announced the broadcast schedule for the 2006 season. FSN will broadcast 112 games this year, or two more than last year. There is no word yet on whether or not the Tigers will also broadcast games on an over-the-air channel.

For Tiger fans who have been anxiously awaiting the start of the season, they better get used to tuning in their radios. Only 5 of the first 12 games are scheduled to be telecast on FSN. The season opener will be broadcast, as will the Thursday night game against the Rangers. However, the Friday and Saturday games will not be broadcast. After back-to-back airings on Sunday(Apr 9th) and the home opener(Apr 10th), fans are out of luck until the following Sunday (Apr 16th).

The complete schedule can be found here. (Right-click and Save As)

7 thoughts on “Tigers and Fox Sports announce broadcast schedule”

  1. I’m gonna throw on my Realistic Hat for a moment…

    Why wouldn’t FSN try to broadcast as many “They’re still in the hunt” games as possible?

  2. I’m not trying to sound like russ from tigerscentral but come on– They really need to pick up another station to fill in at least 20-30 of the remaining 50 games– I love dan dickerson but I’d rather see the game to be honest with you–

  3. What are Rod and Mario gonna do with all those days off.

    Hopefully the teams the Tigers play don’t have the same issues with broadcasting so I will at least be able to catch the games on MLB Extra Innings via the other teams broadcast. And I REALLY hope they are on tv when we play the W. Sox, their broadcasters are the worst homers ever. Harrelson has become unlistenable.

  4. J Scott – it is a word document. It should work if you right click and save as. Sorry about the confusion.

  5. Channel 20 in Detroit has picked up games as well. So FSD has 112 games and WDWB local TV 20 will have an additional 15 games. So 127 out of 162 games on TV. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!!!

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