Wrapping up Trammell and the Hall

Baseball Toaster has been conducting a roundtable regarding this year’s Hall of Fame candidates. Part III features a debate about the merits of Alan Trammell, and to a lesser extent Lou Whitaker. These wise and educated men are in agreement that Trammell clearly deserves a spot, going so far as to say:

Maybe I need to do a Lederer campaign [Rich Lederer’s efforts surrounding Bert Blyleven] extolling the virtues of the Tigers double play combo. It’s truly amazing to me on how asleep a majority of the voters could be on these two players, considering their all-time ranking.

There are also charts and numbers and stuff. Definitely it is worth a read, as are the other parts of the discussion.

The last few weeks have had me pondering a Tram campaign. But given the utter lack of support he’s received this year, I fear that it would be a quixotic endeavor. By my highly unscientific and unofficial tally (updated through January 3rd), Trammell will only appear on about 20-30% of the ballots. That’s up from last year’s 17%, but no where near gaining the momentum necessary to make a push for enshrinement.

UPDATE: Repoz of Baseball Primer posted in the comments that he has tallied 64 ballots, and the outlook is even more grim with Trammell’s total at a meager 14%.

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4 thoughts on “Wrapping up Trammell and the Hall”

  1. Bill…. Here at BTF/Baseball Primer I’ve collected 64 ballots (a few partials) and unfortunately Trammell sits at 14.0%. (Sutter leads with 70.3%)

    BTW…Bill Mathews does not have a BBWAA vote.

  2. What a joke. Tram and Lou are both easily worthy if you look at the guys already in. Nellie Fox, Phil Rizzuto, Travis Jackson, Mazeroski, etc. But you can’t even get DETROIT sportswriters to vote for them. I saw them play just as much as you did, Joe Falls, and they are both HOF players. Even Henning isn’t voting for Trammell this year. Ugh.

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