Tigers sign Maroth and Inge

The Detroit Tigers have signed Mike Maroth and Brandon Inge. Maroth got a two year deal, and Inge re-upped for one season. I don’t have the terms of either deal, but if various reports are accurate Maroth will get $5.25 million total with $2.3 million in the first year, and $2.95 million in 2007.

Assuming the details of Maroth’s contract are accurate, I like the deal for both sides. Maroth gets two years guaranteed, and the Tigers get some cost certainty in an ever escalating market for pitchers. The contract will be up in 2008 when the Tigers will have considerable payroll flexibility. If Maroth is still part of the mix, they could then try to ink him to another multi-year deal buying out his last year of arbitration and first year(s) of free agency. Plus, $2.5 million per year for 200 innings of league average pitching isn’t a bad deal.


3 thoughts on “Tigers sign Maroth and Inge”

  1. JJ also has quite a few incentives baked into his contract, and he had leverage (which Maroth doesn’t). Even still though, yeah it’s a good deal.

  2. I like the Maroth deal, too, if for no other reason than he will chew up 15% of our innings at a good price. It’s a refreshing change from the insane contracts they’ve been throwing at garbage-to-average players in the last few years in a desperate attempt to get them to come to/stay in Detroit.

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