Projected Lineup

Here are the Detroit Tigers starters as projected by ESPN.

C: Ivan Rodriguez
1B: Carlos Pena
2B:  Placido Polanco
SS:  Carlos Guillen
3B:  Brandon Inge
LF:  Craig Monroe
CF:  Nook Logan
RF:  Magglio Ordonez

SP1:  Jeremy Bonderman
SP2:  Kenny Rogers
SP3:  Mike Maroth
SP4:  Nate Robertson
SP5:  Justin Verlander/Wilfredo Ledezma

CL:  Todd Jones

A few comments:

  • While I”m not ready to write off Wil Ledezma based on his struggles last year, I don’t really see a pitching rotation with 4 southpaws
  • Dmitri Young is absent.  I understand the numbers crunch, and the site just listed one player at each position.  However, I don’t see Carlos Pena as the clear cut starter.  Provided Young, Shelton, and Pena all break camp, Pena will definitely get starts at first base.  But everything I’ve heard has Shelton as the starter.  In any case Jim Leyland will have some nice platoon options.  As for Pena versus Shelton defensively, I’m not sure that Pena is really better.
  • Nook Logan does have value on a Major League roster, but I don’t see anyway he should be starting over Curtis Granderson.  The occasional start against left hand pitching and late inning use as a pinch runner /defensive replacement are the best bets for Logan.


9 thoughts on “Projected Lineup”

  1. I’ll be pretty upset if Logan starts over Granderson next year.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Pena start over Young but I agree it’s not clear cut at all. I think if Young shows up in shape, then he’ll get the regualr DH job with Shelton at 1B. If he’s still out of shape, then Pena will probably play more.

  2. Espn has some sort of thing with the Tigers where they hate us– Most sports publications do– Reading their projected 2006 line-up just proves this even more for me- This shows me they did no research when they posted this projected line-up– people that follow this team know shelton’s up for 1st base and grandy for center—Thank god for sites like this and Tigers Central that actually care about the old Tigs-

  3. Adam,

    I think it has something do with how much we’ve sucked for the past dozen years. 🙂

    All kidding aside, your point is very correct. There is no national respect, let alone following, for the Tigers, so these dedicated local blogs are godsends.

    All hail King Billfer! 🙂

  4. I’d be shocked if Logan starts over Granderson in center, too. Especially because, if you ask me, one of the stories of the Tigers’ offseason is how highly valued Granderson (and Zumaya) are by other organizations. From what I’ve read, the Tigers could’ve been in on any of the big deals this offseason, if they’d been willing to part with those guys. No wonder they’re still here.

  5. I agree with Adam in that ESPN definitely phoned this one in, giving no thought to this at all. I don’t know if it’s that they hate us, as much as it wuld actually constitute work for them to think it through critically.

  6. I’m not sure why Colon is not being considered for the rotation. I understand the excitement and anticipation of Verlander. Personally I’d rather he start out in Toledo unless he’s lights out in spring training. But Ledezma over Colon?

  7. But Ledezma over Colon?

    It’s a tossup. None of the guys have proven they’re ready for a major league rotation, so it will simply come down to who has the best spring. If no one has a good spring, it’ll go to V/Z because atleast they have shown that they’ll eventually be ready for it.

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